MediSapien™ for EHRs

“Many EMR companies have added dictation to their products as an afterthought to increase user acceptance. Practice Fusion and ZyDoc have collaborated through the HL7 data standards to allow seamless integration of the transcription service and EMR output delivered from day one.” - Ryan Howard, CEO, Practice Fusion

"I love it! I am focused on getting the notes done, even when I am exhausted I have enough in me to get them done knowing your staff is doing the back end work. - Danielle Dronet, LISW-S, Center for Advanced Mental Health Practice. (Using ZyDoc Mobile & Practice Fusion EHR.)"

"The addition of ZyDoc to the broad range of health care providers using the Verizon Medical Data Exchange delivers on our promise to expand its scope. Health care providers are embracing the exchange as a cost-effective solution to share patient data using a simplified, interoperable and secure platform. With providers such as ZyDoc now part of the exchange, it is more representative of the varied players who are key to creating digital health records." - Peter Tippett, Vice President Technology and Innovation, Verizon Business

Press Releases:
ZyDoc Medical Transcription Enhances the Practice Fusion EMR. Read the full release.

ZyDoc Joins Expanded Verizon Medical Data Exchange. Read the full release.

MediSapien™ for EHRs

Import narrative and populate fields with MediSapien™ structured data derived from unstructured end-user dictation, transcription, and semi-structured EHRs to differentiate your ONC-certified EHR. Increase user satisfaction by ­requiring no change in work habits and less training. Speed ­implementation by requiring no customized templates. Generate revenue by offering MediSapien users an easy path to EHR or empowering your clients with dictation.

• Access to referrals for new business

• Solution for new clients migrating to EHR
• Faster implementation of your system with less training and reduced need for customized ­templates
• Higher end-user satisfaction with no change in work habits using dictation to capture ­structured EHR-ready clinical documentation
• Automated conversion of semi- strucured data from other ONC-certified EHRs into narrative and ­structured data for insertion into your EHR and ­exchange with HIEs
• Ability to take existing EHR records and code the ­information to ICD-10 and SNOMED-CT® for future ­requirements
• Additional revenue earnings from transcription ­commission or from insertion of MediSapien information into the EHR
• Partnership opportunities with other MediSapien ­Service Partners for billing services, applications, and analytics

•    Easy integration
•    Secure FTP or VPN
•    HL7 CDA messaging or MediSapien API
•    ADT feed for transcription client for proper I.D.
•    MediSapien technical team available for support and testing or entire project