Medical Transcription - FAQs

Below are the most common questions we hear from speaking with health care providers as we discuss solutions. We are more than happy to talk with you over the phone and discuss your current situation and we will answer all of your questions. To learn more about ZyDoc and receive a customized information solutions packet that will answer many of your questions, please Contact Us today.

How does the service work?
How does the guarantee work?
What is your turnaround time?
Can I use templates or normals?
How do you get patient demographics?
How do you get referring physician information?
What level of quality and accuracy can I expect?
What is the process for changes within the document?
How do you define a line?


How does the toll-free dictation solution work?
Can I use both the telephone and a digital recorder?


Is your service HIPAA-secure?


What are the minimum system requirements?
What type of digital recorder do I need?
How does the hand-held recorder work?


How long does it take to get the technology portion set up?
We have multiple locations. How would this work?
What is involved with getting started?
Who will train me?


How much does your service cost?
How will you bill me?
How do you define a line?


How many transcriptionists does ZyDoc have?
Where are your transcriptionists located?

Doctors dictate using a digital handheld recorder or the toll-free TelDoc dictation system, using any standard telephone connection. Digital files are downloaded onto a workstation with internet access, which is then automatically transmitted to ZyDoc for transcription. For both telephone and digital dictations, the completed transcribed documents can be returned to any Windows PC or laptop with internet connection. You may chose to auto – print, sort by author name, or simply download your documents. For those who wish to send audio to transcription from any Windows PC with Internet access contact ZyDoc and ask about our new USB/recorders.

There are numerous objectives with a money-back trial. Some customers want to try a variety of services or telephone services versus handheld devices. A customized trial will be established for an appropriate length of time that will service the purpose of you making a good business decision to continue to work with ZyDoc.

We will provide you with the turnaround time (TAT) required. Standard TAT is less than 24 hours from time the dictation is received. When we work with your account, each report type and the desired TAT is reviewed to ensure your requirements are met.


There is no single answer for this question. For larger groups, EMR integration and/or VPN access is a better solution. This way, we have complete access, and are able to deliver complete and accurate documents without interrupting your daily operations.

Some doctors will dictate the patient's name, spelling the names carefully and slowly. While on the other hand, many doctors will dictate the name very quickly and we are on our own to spell the name correctly. We prefer the patient schedule be electronically sent to us each day.

It is recommended to receive an initial list with the referring doctor's contact information when we begin working with your facility. Updates can be sent to us as needed. If you are unable to extract this information from your system, or do not have a list, ZyDoc has an extensive database where we access the information needed.

ZyDoc prides itself on achieving the highest accuracy available. The infrastructure is built so that the same medical transcriptionist receives a specific doctor's dictation. This allows us to deliver high-quality accuracy in a short-amount of time. For more information on the specific quality assurance process, please contact us for our complete information packet, which includes the Continuous Improvement Process in detail.

We prefer to make the changes to the document. This way, we are informed and can improve our quality. However, we understand that some changes are minor, and that it is easier and faster for you to make your own changes. We will discuss this in detail before implementing your account, so we all have an understanding of how to best provide you with quality delivery on a consistent basis, with little interruption to your practice.

We adhere to the AAMT standard. One line equates to 65 characters, including spaces. Footnotes, endnotes, headers and footers are part of the document and typically counted. Two or more successive spaces or tabs are counted as one character.

There is no charge for page breaks, formatting (bold, underline, indentations, etc.), carriage returns, or spaces on a line without text.

Total lines in a document are calculated by the total characters, including spaces, then divided by 65. The total billable lines are rounded. Refer to the following two examples:
EXAMPLE 1: Total characters, including spaces = 7,000 Total characters divided by 65 = 107.6923 lines
EXAMPLE 2: Total characters, including spaces = 6,000 Total characters divided by 65 = 92.307 lines


Dictation can be accomplished using any telephone. Simply dial our toll-free number, and follow the few prompts (doctor ID, patient ID, and begin dictating). The voice files are immediately available on TrackDoc™, referencing the patient ID for easy searching similar to UPS tracking. With proper authorization designed into the workflow, this audio file may be shared with other physicians immediately, in the event there is an urgent need until the transcribed report is available.



ZyDoc is extremely secure. Our propriety software, ZyDoc MFT, encrypts your files at 128-bit encryption to meet HIPAA standards while it is still in the transcription device. Therefore, your patient information is secure while audio files are transported throughout the workflow process.

In addition, ZyDoc uses VeriSign, the same encryption technology used of credit card transactions on the Internet. The technology is secured SSL or secure socket layer with 128-bit encryption. In order to log onto the site, it is necessary to use a unique password, which should not be shared with other people.

And finally, through the utilization of TrackDoc, all of your audio dictations and final documents are stored in our secure online data center. ZyDoc was operational during the Northeast blackout due to the robust infrastructure in place.


The solution(s) will depend upon the minimum system requirements. Contact us to discuss any concerns, and we can evaluate the options that are available to you. We can send you our minimum specifications document for your review.

Recording devices optimized for ZyDoc Transcription workflow utilizing Philips SpeechExec include Philips SpeechMike and Philips Digital Pocket Memo (DPM) 9600. Many other USB handheld recorders are compatible as well. For smartphone and tablet users, Philips Recorder for Smartphones is designed to fit perfectly into the Philips SpeechExec software suite.
There are numerous recording options for use with ZyDoc Transcription services. Please contact us for details on compatibility of the dictation devices you plan to use in your facility.

Depending on the solutions you would like installed the average install time is less than 15 min.

We have many customers who dictate from multiple locations. Each customer comes to us with unique workflow needs. ZyDoc offers a variety of solutions that will support your workflow and in other cases, improve your existing processes. This is accomplished by using our technology, TracDoc and Bullet Proof Messenger in a variety of configurations. We have full time programmers available to provide a custom solution.

A ZyDoc representative will work with you to discuss your workflow and solutions. After determining what solution is best for you, an agreement is prepared, which documents the terms of the free trial and moving towards full implementation. Upon receipt of a signed agreement, we begin to go to work for you. The representative will orient the internal team on all details, followed by an Implementation Meeting with your group (or main contact person). In this meeting, we work out all of the details of getting started (participating doctors, samples, patient demographics, referring physicians, technology set up scheduled, start date, etc.).

Following this start up has allowed ZyDoc to increase our volume month-over-month this past year. We hope you will allow us the opportunity to provide you with the same great service many of our customers experience every day.

One of our technicians will train you on how to upload audio, receive documents, use the handheld digital device (if applicable), and utilize the TrackDoc website. Instructions on how to use the toll-free dictation system, a telephone directory of your main contacts at ZyDoc, and a user manual for the TrackDoc web-based solution is provided at the appropriate time. ZyDoc is available to assist you at any time.


There are a variety of pricing options, depending upon your solution. Contact us at 800.546.5633 to determine the best value for your business needs.

Every account has options. Your practice may pay by credit card or by Invoice with Net 30 payment terms.

One line equates to 65 characters, with spaces. There is no charge for formatting in a line (bold, underline, indentations, carriage return, etc.). Total lines in a document are calculated by the total characters including spaces divided by 65.


The number of transcriptionists varies from day to day, as volume increases over time. We are constantly approached by transcriptionists looking for more work, which allows ZyDoc to be in a position of having resources standing by.

We have transcriptionists within the United States and abroad who are able to attend to your needs 24/7. If you do not want your dictations leaving the U.S., this will be adhered to with the strictest policy. Any restrictions you require will be clearly stated in our agreement.