ZyDoc Transcription Platform

ZyDoc's TrackDoc is an award-winning, cloud-based enterprise transcription platform for MTSOs and hospitals

Inhouse or outsourced transcription

Cloud-hosted or in your data center

HIPAA-secure data center, role-based secure access and tracking

Browser-based X software installation runs on IE, Chrome, any Internet device

Comprehensive document management platform with Fax, EHR interoperabliltiy via MediSapien Connect, download and print solutions

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Expand service offerings to your transcription clients with HIPAA-secure MediSapien™ turn-key ­technology. Use front-end/back-end speech recognition, our advanced full transcription infrastructure platform, or just the MediSapien data structuring service. Generate structured data optimized for ­computer-assisted coding, including ICD-10, for billing, data mining, and seamless insertion of the narrative Health Story and structured data into all ONC-certified EHRs.

Are your transcription clients ­migrating to EHR? Give them the best of both worlds with ­MediSapien™.


• The data your clients need for their EHR can be more efficiently generated from transcription than by clicking through screens and templates. MediSapien extracts structured, coded data directly from transcription for ­automatic insertion — along with the narrative source ­document — into an EHR.

• With MediSapien working behind the scenes, you can offer added value to your clients, improve your margins, and earn additional revenue.

• MediSapien is a modular platform. You can utilize our advanced, award-winning technology to power your ­entire transcription operation; or select specific features including low-cost accurate speech recognition, structured data capture, and EHR insertion.

• You can earn additional revenue on your transcription jobs by offering MediSapien computer-assisted coding or full-service coding to your clients.

• As a MediSapien Service Partner, you will benefit from our preferred partner network with EHR, billing, ­coding, and ­analytics vendors. MediSapien is also a member of the Verizon Medical Data Exchange, which offers ­interoperability solutions to move data to EHRs, between EHRs, or to other providers.

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MediSapien is an enterprise-class web-based platform for application developers and channel partners that converts dictation, scanned text and semi-structured EHR inputs into fully coded structured data. MediSapien accepts dictation or text from transcription vendors, legacy data and EHRs. The fully coded structured output, including ICD-10, is suitable for insertion into EHRs and facilitates interoperability. MediSapien also performs computer-assisted coding (CAC) for revenue cycle management companies and data mining optimized for health data analytics partners.

The MediSapien platform supports independent application developers.