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Transcription and EHR Insertion



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Fast, HIPAA-secure, accurate.

For small to large-size practices, all medical specialties.

Dictation via smartphone, digital recorders or toll-free TelDoc™ with robust data match and job tracking to minimize workflow disruptions.

Real-time job tracking.



Section-level EHR insertion.

Use your smartphone as a mobile workstation. 

Our smartphone app connects you to your EHR on the go, in the cloud.

You can:

  • check your schedule
  • select patient records
  • browse history prior to visit

and, most importantly:

  • dictate encounters into EHR- specific templates through our section-level interface that will then populate your EHR automatically.


MediSapien™ for Physicians

MediSapien Medical Intelligence

Private practices are held to many of the data management standards of larger hospitals, but are too small to have in-house information management departments. ZyDoc provides private practices with the robust medical knowledge management capabilities required to meet ever-growing needs for EMR meaningful use, HIPAA compliance, and reporting.

Poster NLP Processing Enhances EHR Use

Technology should work for you, not the other way around. 
MediSapien™ puts you in control by extracting data from dictation to automatically populate the EHR.

Use your own transcriptionists, ZyDoc or any transcription company.

Dictate clinical documentation with a handheld recorder, telephone, or smartphone.

Review completed transcription jobs and send to EHR with text and codes, or send to EHR for review.

Use MediSapien to populate EHRs, and for analytics, billing, research, information exchange, and reporting.

Capture structured data to help meet requirements for government mandates.

Improve usability and efficiency with dictation for EHR data capture.

Use transcription to implement EHR without changing work habits or extensive customization.

Facilitate clinical and financial analytics.

Expedite billing with computer-assisted coding or take advantage of full-service billing.

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"The feature we are enjoying best is the interface on the iPhone, it is extremely user friendly and has been such a great tool to have." Ana Lucas, West Valley Imaging, radiology practice

“Many EMR companies have added dictation to their products as an afterthought to increase user acceptance. Practice Fusion and ZyDoc have collaborated through the HL7 data standards to allow seamless integration of the transcription service and EMR output delivered from day one.” - Ryan Howard, CEO, Practice Fusion

"I love it! I am focused on getting the notes done, even when I am exhausted I have enough in me to get them done knowing your staff is doing the back end work. - Danielle Dronet, LISW-S, Center for Advanced Mental Health Practice. (Using ZyDoc Mobile & Practice Fusion EHR.)"