MediSapien™ Medical Intelligence

Learn more about natural language processing (NLP)-powered MediSapien Data Services.

MediSapien is an enterprise-class web-based platform for application developers and channel partners that converts dictation, scanned text and semi-structured EHR inputs into fully coded structured data. MediSapien accepts dictation or text from transcription vendors, legacy data and EHRs.  The fully coded structured output, including ICD-10, is suitable for insertion into EHRs and facilitates interoperability. MediSapien also performs computer-assisted coding (CAC) for revenue cycle management companies and data mining optimized for health data analytics partners. The MediSapien platform supports independent application developers.



Expand service offerings to your transcription clients with MediSapien turn-key technology. Use front-end/back-end speech recognition, our advanced full transcription infrastructure platform, or just the MediSapien data structuring service.

For EHRs

Import narrative and populate fields with MediSapien structured data derived from unstructured end-user dictation, transcription, and semi-structured EHR text to differentiate your ONC-certified EHR. Increase user satisfaction by requiring no change in work habits and less training. Speed implementation by requiring no customized templates. Generate revenue by offering MediSapien users an easy path to EHR or empowering your clients with dictation.

For Billing

Reduce the manual cost of generating codes and leverage your knowledge workers. Additionally, offer billing services to MediSapien partner clients. MediSapien provides source documents with reproducible, verifiable ICD-9, ICD-10, RxNorm and CPT-4 codes from transcription, legacy data, and EHRs.

For Physicians

Dictate encounters and obtain data for multiple uses. Reduce EHR keyboarding, streamline coding and billing. Gain multi-purpose search access to your data. MediSapien can help you with Meaningful Use reporting requirements by automatically extracting structured data from dictation and transcription, for insertion with narrative into your EHR.

For Analytics

Obtain secondary data from your text for case managers, pharmaceutical studies, biosurveillance, trend analysis, and academic research. The MediSapien Data Repository includes millions of de-identified clinical records across all medical specialties from ambulatory and inpatient reports.

Document Management

With MediSapien, scanned documents become “smart” documents ­optimized for ­computer-assisted coding, including ICD-10, for billing and data mining; and for seamless insertion of the narrative Health Story and structured data into all ONC-certified EHRs.