CAC - Billing - RCM

Hippocractic Solutions is a ZyDoc preferred-solutions partner for MediSapien Medical Billing, RCM, CAC.

Read the full press release: ZyDoc Announces VAR Agreement with Hippocratic Solutions for Turnkey Medical Documentation, Analytics, and Billing Services for Practice Fusion EHR

MediSapien for CAC, Billing, and Revenue Cycle Management Companies

Reduce the manual cost of ­generating codes and leverage your knowledge workers. ­Additionally, offer billing services to MediSapien clients and partners. MediSapien provides source ­documents with reproducible, verifiable ICD-9, ICD-10, RxNorm, and CPT-4 codes from transcription, legacy records, and EHRs.

When it’s right the first time, your clients are ahead of the game. The ­MediSapien platform offers ­computer-assisted ­coding (CAC) to help billing ­companies ­improve accuracy, ­mini­­mize denials, and ­defend against audit by providing source ­documents with ­reproducible, ­verifiable codes.

• Increase revenue and client satisfaction.
• Lower coding costs and get faster TAT with computer-assisted coding vs. 100% manual.
• Handle RAC effectively with reproducible CAC from all source documents.
• Expand effectiveness of your workforce.
• Offer your services to MediSapien clients and partners, such as to MTSO Service ­Partners who may have clients seeking a billing service or change of billing ­vendors.
• Earn commisions from MediSapien Service Partners for transcription or other services.
• As a MediSapien Service Partner, your ­company will be visible to thousands of ­registered users.

MediSapien CAC example showing ICD-10 codes identified in source documentation

MediSapien™ is an enterprise-class web-based platform for service partners to convert unstructured text into fully coded structured data. MediSapien ­accepts ­dictation or text from ­transcription ­vendors, legacy data and EHRs. The fully coded structured ­output, including ICD-10, is suitable for insertion into EHRs and ­facilitates ­interoperability. MediSapien also ­performs computer-assisted coding (CAC) for revenue cycle ­management ­companies, and data ­mining optimized for health data ­analytics partners. The ­MediSapien ­platform supports ­independent ­application developers.


“We are delighted to be able to work with ZyDoc to provide turnkey documentation and billing services for our clients. When doctors use ZyDoc, we obtain a detailed encounter in the Practice Fusion EHR that allows Hippocratic Solutions to justify the highest level of encounter for the practice billing submission. We also appreciate the computer-assisted coding of the encounter provided by MediSapien that will help us deal with the ICD-10 transition.” - Peter Koukounas, Hippocratic Solutions,