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MediSapien Natural Language Processing Platform

MediSapien is an enterprise-class Cloud middleware platform for capture of unstructured data from diverse sources and conversion into standardized, open source structured, tagged and coded data elements optimized for universal healthcare data exchange.

“EMR and e-Coding Derived from Unstructured Text”

ZyDoc's MediSapien Natural Language Processing suite of services enables physicians to wield the power of structured medical data while retaining the convenience of data entry by dictation.

Utilizing natural language processing (NLP), MediSapien extracts ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT®, RxNorm, LOINC®, and SNOMED-CT® codes from unstructured text such as dictation and legacy documentation, and outputs structured data for exchange via CCR/CCD/CDA and insertion into EHRs.

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Legacy Data Structuring

Do you have existing medical records in electronic or paper format that you would like to convert to a structured format, such as for importing to EMR or reporting purposes?

ZyDoc MediSapien’s legacy data structuring services convert unstructured narrative text to one or more of the following code languages: SNOMED-CT, CPT-4, ICD-9, LOINC, RXNORM, and others.

For importing of legacy documents into an EMR in a structured format, ZyDoc can work with your existing EMR or recommend an EMR suitable for accepting structured legacy documents.

For more information on legacy data structuring services, contact us.

EHR Data Capture by Dictation

Value-Added MediSapien Suite Solutions
Are any of the following commonly heard issues familiar to you?

  1. Our physicians are unhappy with clicking into an EHR for data entry. It is tedious and too slow!
  2. We are unable to access the data in our EHR for anything but the most basic queries. Our EHR makes it difficult to access our patient record database aside from through its interface.
  3. Our physicians are unhappy because we do not any longer have free-text documentation for encounters for which data was entered via clicking in the EHR.
  4. Our physicians want their government incentive money for using an EHR but don’t have it yet because we haven’t met Meaningful Use standards.
  5. The data in our EHR is not truly structured. For example, I can record that a patient is a smoker in 7 different ways, so it would be hard for me to generate a report listing all the smokers.

If any of the above is familiar to you, consider how ZyDoc’s MediSapien EHR Data Capture by Dictation service can help.

Our service enables physicians to have the option of using dictation for EHR data capture in addition to using the keyboard and mouse. Using dictation, physicians continue to have access to the narrative transcribed medical records to which they are accustomed. Our powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology enables us to populate your EHR with truly structured data that can be stored on-site or off-site such that it is fully searchable and reportable. Finally, ZyDoc’s MediSapien service enables the fulfillment of many of them Meaningful Use standards required to receive government incentives for EHR use.

For more information on EHR Data Capture by Dictation services, contact us.

Semantic Search

What is semantic search?

Let’s first define what it is not. Literal search, such as the find-and-replace tools typically found in word processing software, search with text for an exact string of characters. This type of search does not satisfy health care providers’ need to identify medical documents containing medical concepts that are not always expressed with one exact string of characters.

Semantic search, unlike literal search, searches for medical concepts, regardless of the words with which they are expressed. Semantic search is powerful because it enables accurate reporting on data originated in a narrative, unstructured format.


  • Captures POA, SOI and ORYX® data for improved reimbursement.
  • Enables creation of a searchable and reportable in-house or off-site data repository for clinical research, outcomes analysis, and quality control

For more information on Semantic Search services, contact us.

Meaningful Use Applications

Some EMR providers are unable to accept the structured SNOMED-CT codes that ZyDoc MediSapien provides. However, many of those providers are able to create a workaround to this problem. They can place a button in their EMR that appears within a patient’s medical record. When a user clicks that button, the user is directed to a ZyDoc MediSapien web page that displays data on that patient in structured SNOMED-CT codes. The display of that data, although in an application separate from the EMR, can enable the meeting of Meaningful Use standards related to the ability to view structured codes from an EMR.

For more information on Meaningful Use Applications, contact us.

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