EHR data insertion using ZyDoc's web-based medical transcription service is faster and easier than having your doctors point, click, and type the data into each EMR section.

Frustration with documentation process

Physicians are facing more paperwork and more computer interaction -- working harder and longer, but with less facetime with patients.

ZyDoc's web-based solution automates the process of capturing structured data and unstructured narrative from dictation, and then entering it into the EHR at the section-level.

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It will only take about 15 minutes to view a demo and learn how to streamline your  clinical documentation workflow using our mobile app, a handheld recorder, or telephone-based dictation.

Read our press release: ZyDoc’s TrackDoc Flow Smartphone Dictation App Automates eClinicalWorks EHR Transcription Data Insertion for Parkview Medical Center

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