21 Tips for Getting Accurate Transcription from Medical Dictation

Accurate transcription of clinical notes starts with good dictation, but there are many other factors that also contribute to transcription quality. As a physician or medical facility using dictation, you are all too aware of the potentially serious legal, financial, and patient health impacts that transcribing mistakes can cause. Transcribed reports are part of the […]

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NIH-Funded Study Shows Improved EHR Usability and Efficiency with Dictation-Based NLP Entry

[Update: Natural Language Processing–Enabled and Conventional Data Capture Methods for Input to Electronic Health Records: A Comparative Usability Study] NIH-Funded Study Shows Improved EHR Usability and 2.5X Efficiency with Dictation and Structured Data Extraction vs. Conventional Keyboard and Mouse Entry Islandia, NY, March 11, 2014 – ZyDoc, a New York-based medical informatics company, reported results from its […]

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