ZyDoc Partners with athenahealth’s Marketplace Program to Allow athenaClinicals® users to Streamline EHR Charting with Dictation

Oct 17, 2019 | Jonathan Maisel

ZyDoc Partners with athenahealth’s Marketplace Program to Allow athenaClinicals® users to Streamline EHR Charting with Dictation

Stony Brook, NY – (Sept. 16, 2019) – ZyDoc, a leading provider of medical transcription and EHR documentation services for physicians, today announced a partnership with athenahealth, Inc. through athenahealth’s Marketplace program. As an athenahealth Marketplace partner, ZyDoc’s services are now available to athenahealth’s growing network of 160,000 healthcare providers to enable athenaClinicals® users to streamline their medical documentation tasks using dictation-based methods.

“Using ZyDoc, athena clinical users can reduce time associated with manual data entry tasks by allowing them to dictate their clinical encounters using smartphones, telephones or digital recorders,” said James M. Maisel, M.D., founder and CEO. “Our U.S. medical transcription typists and editors quickly generate highly accurate text that is automatically inserted into the appropriate sections of athenaClinicals®, typically in under two hours, resulting in a rich, readable human health story and justifying higher levels of reimbursement. The service can be implemented within 24 hours for athenaClinicals® users, is easy to use and lets doctors work up to 61% more efficiently with dictation. Simply pick the patient from the schedule, choose the job-type, dictate and send.”

athenahealth is a network-enabled, results-oriented services company that offers medical record, revenue cycle, patient engagement, care coordination, and population health services for hospital and ambulatory clients. The company’s vision is to build a national health information backbone to help make healthcare work as it should. As a Marketplace partner, ZyDoc joins a network of like-minded healthcare professionals who are looking to disrupt established approaches in healthcare that simply aren’t working, aren’t good enough, or aren’t advancing the industry and help providers thrive in the face of industry change.

To learn more about how this newly integrated service can help enhance athenaClinicals®, please visit ZyDoc’s athenahealth® Marketplace page.

About ZyDoc Medical Transcription

Founded by James M. Maisel, M.D. – a practicing retina surgeon – ZyDoc Medical Transcription has been easing the clinical documentation burden faced by physicians, hospitals and surgery centers nationwide since 1993. Using a blended approach, ZyDoc utilizes the latest HIPAA-secure cloud technology combined with highly trained, U.S.-based medical transcription specialists to help busy healthcare professionals efficiently manage their note-taking and documentation responsibilities. With physician burnout directly relating to manually entering data into EHRs, our transcription services combined with EHR integration come as a welcome solution, helping both doctors and patients enjoy a new level of efficiency and care. ZyDoc was rated #1 in medical transcription customer care and support by Black Book Research by over 2900 users in 2018 and offers options of U.S. based, HIPAA trained and background checked transcriptionists, editors and support staff with turnaround time under four hours.

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