ZyDoc Releases Next-Gen Secure TrackDoc Connect™ Cloud Transcription Platform with Smartphone App and EHR Connectivity

Jul 23, 2019 | zydoc

ZyDoc, a New York-based medical informatics company, has just announced public rollout of the new TrackDoc Connect™ cloud transcription platform featuring a smartphone dictation app for efficient EHR documentation. For a limited time, new customers can test drive the TrackDoc Connect mobile app and transcription platform for a two-week free trial.

TrackDoc Connect is a HIPAA-secure cloud transcription platform and service with a plethora of new features, enhanced security, and numerous upgrades over ZyDoc’s award-winning original TrackDoc platform. The TrackDoc Connect mobile app for iPhone and iPad allows doctors to see their schedule, select the patient and job type, and dictate. The text automatically appears in the appropriate EHR sections. While migration to TrackDoc Connect has been completed for a majority of existing customers, ZyDoc has now opened availability to all healthcare providers, ambulatory surgery centers, large medical groups and hospitals.

“ZyDoc’s new transcription platform was totally rebuilt to improve physician productivity with EHR data entry via smartphone dictation,” explains ZyDoc Chairman James M. Maisel, MD. “It also incorporates the most robust security features and is designed to ensure high accuracy, fast job turnaround time, and coding and document improvement activities with EHR integration.

“TrackDoc Connect represents a long-awaited solution for doctors who urgently need a more efficient way to get HIPAA-protected patient health information into their EHR,” Maisel continues. “Physician frustration with the amount of time and effort spent on EHR data entry will no longer be a battle. This is a next generation documentation solution with interfaces to leading EHRs such as athenahealth® and eClinicalworks®, and allows hybrid documentation solutions for Practice Fusion users. We will make our aching health systems great again.”

TrackDoc Connect Features

TrackDoc Connect is a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based transcription platform that solves the clinical documentation bottleneck related to EHR population (aka data entry), payer coding requirements, and government healthcare reporting regulations. Physicians can securely dictate notes and reports for transcription and insertion into their EHR using the TrackDoc Connect mobile app, telephone dial-in, or USB recorder. Referrals can be shared securely electronically or by fax. Although there is no paper involved in the workflow steps performed by ZyDoc, clients may choose to print completed transcriptions at their own locations making use of available printing or downloading capabilities provided by the ZyDoc website.

TrackDoc Connect has been rebuilt from the ground up to deliver an efficient documentation workflow with fastest available turnaround times (TATs), highest security levels, accuracy exceeding industry standards, custom letterhead and template implementation, flexible work assignment, real-time job tracking, e-signature, and EHR section-level interface.

Enhanced workflow options allow rapid implementation and flexible solutions for blending in-house or outsourced work, including the ability to delegate review to coders and document improvement specialists prior to finalization in the EHR. In addition, the platform can measure accuracy of transcriptionists and medical language specialty editors and provide feedback, ensuring delivery of highly accurate documents.

Expanding beyond the EHR, ZyDoc’s MediSapien™ natural language processing (NLP) technology also allows advanced clinical data management including automated computer-assisted coding, structured data reporting, and health information data mining.


According to ZyDoc CIO Matt Bouchard, “Digital healthcare information transmission and storage require an agile, hyper-vigilant approach to security. TrackDoc Connect is a next generation platform that does not use vulnerable FTP servers and prevents contractors from exporting audios, PHI metadata and transcribed documents out of our secure platform. PHI is accessed via web-browser over the internet using the highest available internet security protocol with https. All work is performed on our encrypted cloud servers. There is no software to install or corrupt, and no permissions required to use FTP servers or move audio or documents during the workflow steps performed by ZyDoc typists and editors.”

TrackDoc Connect’s updated security features employ stringent safeguards to protect clients’ data, with no “off-site” storage of patient health information (“PHI”) outside of the ZyDoc platform. TrackDoc Connect uses Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), the secure version of HTTP, the protocol over which data is sent between the browser and the connected website, meaning all communications between the browser and the website are encrypted. From the original dictation recordings to the completed transcribed documents, all TrackDoc Connect processes are performed on protected servers within the ZyDoc data center, which is independently certified to meet SOC I Type II requirements through 2016, and SOC II Type II requirements in 2017. The documents themselves in every phase of their life cycle are stored in encrypted fashion in the database in the data center. The cloud platform requires no software installation, facilitates fast implementation and elimination of IT burdens, allows for tighter security and user tracking, accuracy measurement tools, and flexible workflow optimization to allow faster turnaround times.

TrackDoc Connect Mobile

The TrackDoc Mobile app, currently available for iOS, has built-in connectivity to most major EHRs, allowing practitioners remote access to patient schedules that are transmitted to the smartphone app. After receiving secure login credentials, physicians can immediately start dictating. Setup of a basic account without custom templates is painless. ZyDoc’s free trial offer includes the TrackDoc Connect Mobile app and basic template, for one physician. Following the trial, enhanced options and multiple users can be added, including other providers and authorized administrators.

About ZyDoc and MediSapien

Since its inception in 1993, ZyDoc’s mission has been to increase the efficiency of physicians through the use of software technology and services to improve patient care and outcomes, lower malpractice risk, and maximize reimbursement. Based in Islandia, New York, ZyDoc has developed award-winning, HIPAA-secure, cloud-based e-transcription infrastructure and medical informatics technologies, serving medical practices, hospitals, public health agencies, and other entities in the medico-legal, academic, and pharmacology sectors.

Augmenting ZyDoc’s transcription business, MediSapien is a web-based, knowledge management platform that uses disruptive natural language processing and AI technologies to convert unstructured text to fully coded structured data for EHRs, PACS, RIS, analytics, and reporting. For clinician end-users, MediSapien can be utilized in conjunction with EHR installations, and can facilitate analytic applications for individual or population disease management for ACOs, hospitals or large groups. ZyDoc is a certified Philips Reseller and a VMWare Professional Solution Provider Partner.

The free trial for TrackDoc Connect Mobile may be accessed here.

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