About Zydoc®

About ZyDoc® Medical Transcription Documentation Solutions

ZyDoc® Medical Transcription documentation solutions allow clinicians to easily and naturally capture their clinical encounters with dictation on smartphones, telephones or digital recorders to ease their documentation burden and avoid burnout. The voice, text and data always remain secure on our HIPAA compliant, enterprise cloud-based TrackDoc ConnectTM platform hosted in multiple Microsoft Azure Centers. Our platform requires no software installation, works with any browser on any device and can be implemented in minutes. Workflow, accuracy measurement and monitoring tools enable ZyDoc® Medical Transcription to produce extremely accurate transcripts. Over 90% of the jobs can be delivered within 2 hours as professionally formatted documents.

The completed jobs are stored and searchable on our cloud platform and can automatically be inserted into the appropriate sections of the EHR.

Our flagship smartphone SpeechDocTM mobile app frees clinicians from the EHR so the doctor only must select the patient, pick the job type, dictate and send. Unlike tedious keyboard and mouse data entry, unskilled scribes, or highly technical and inaccurate

speech recognition, ZyDoc® Medical Transcription saves the doctor time and alleviates the stress of dealing with EHRs.

About ZyDoc® Medical Transcription

EHR documentation does not have to be slow and frustrating for clinicians at hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers and practices of all sizes and specialties. At ZyDoc® Medical Transcription we believe you should be able to easily implement and use our solutions, work more efficiently, provide better medical care and operate a successful business. For 25 years we have provided award-winning, technology advancements that improved medical documentation: EHRs, medical informatics and security standards, speech recognition, digital recorders, smartphones, cloud-based platforms, natural language processing and EHR interoperability. Our technology is complemented by a highly skilled U.S. transcription workforce, backed by the #1 ranked customer support ZyDoc® Medical Transcription Operations Center. Founded and managed by a retina surgeon, ZyDoc® Medical Transcription understands physicians’ needs and solves their documentation challenges.

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