What are the specifics of defining a line of text?

We adhere to the AHDI standard. One line equates to 65 characters, including spaces. Footnotes, endnotes, headers and footers are part of the document and typically counted. Two or more successive spaces or tabs are counted as one character. There is no charge for page breaks, formatting (bold, underline, indentations, etc.), carriage returns, or spaces on a line without text. Total lines in a document are calculated by the total characters, including spaces, then divided by 65. The total billable lines are rounded. Refer to the following two examples: EXAMPLE 1: Total characters, including spaces = 7,000 Total characters divided by 65 = 107.6923 lines EXAMPLE 2: Total characters, including spaces = 6,000 Total characters divided by 65 = 92.307 lines

How do you define a line of text?

A “Line” means sixty-five (65) characters, with a fraction of a line rounded up to the next line.  A “character” means any keystroke necessary for the final appearance and content of a document.  For Company’s transcription services, there is a 25-Line minimum per job.  A standard page is thirty (30) Lines.

How will you bill me?

Every account has options. Your practice may pay by credit card or by AHC Invoice with Net 30 payment terms.

How much does your service cost?

There are a variety of pricing options, depending upon your solution. Contact us at 800.546.5633 to determine the best value for your business needs. You can also view Plans to Fit your Practice on our Plans & Pricing page.

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