Dictation Options

How does the hand-held recorder work?

There are numerous recording options for use with ZyDoc® Medical Transcription services. Please contact us for details on compatibility of the dictation devices you plan to use in your facility.

How does the toll-free dictation solution work?

Dictation can be accomplished using any telephone. Simply dial our toll-free number, and follow the few prompts (doctor ID, patient ID, and begin dictating). The voice files are immediately available on TrackDocTM, referencing the patient ID for easy searching; similar to UPS tracking. With proper authorization designed into the workflow, this audio file may be shared with other physicians immediately, in the event there is an urgent need until the transcribed report is available.

Does ZyDoc® Medical Transcription® have an app so I can use my smartphone to dictate?

Yes! SpeechDocTM is ZyDoc® Medical Transcription’s flagship smartphone medical documentation application. You can download it from the Google Play or the Apple app store.

Can I use a variety of dictation devices including telephone, a digital recorder as well as the smartphone app?


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