Zydoc® Medical Transcription General FAQ

How is your customer service?

ZyDoc® Medical Transcription provides 24/7/365, US based, award-winning customer service. ZyDoc® Medical Transcription was recently recognized as ranking #1 in Customer Service and Support in the 2018 Top Medical Transcription and Technology Services & Documentation Solutions Survey, conducted by Black Book Market Research.

What is the process for changes within the document?

We prefer to make the changes to the document. This way, we are informed and can improve our quality. However, we understand that some changes are minor, and that it is easier and faster for you to make your own changes. We will discuss this in detail before implementing your account, so there is consensus of how to best provide you with quality delivery on a consistent basis, with little interruption to your practice.

Do you have a medical documentation solution for clinicians?

es! For clinicians who need to create comprehensive encounters required for high quality medical care and want a documentation method that is efficient and easy to use, ZyDoc® SpeechDocTM is the answer.

How does this help doctors?

The ZyDoc® Medical Transcription® documentation solution with SpeechDocTM enables doctors to use dictation and work much faster and more accurately than using keyboard and mouse, unskilled scribes or highly technical and inaccurate speech recognition. This produces a more understandable health record which justifies higher reimbursement, helps withstand audits and lowers malpractice risk. TM saves the doctor time and alleviates the stress of dealing with the EHR documentation burden.

Does ZyDoc® Medical Transcription have an end to end solution for medical documentation from dictation to EHR insertion?

Yes. ZyDoc® SpeechDocTM is a smartphone medical documentation application that enables doctors to easily dictate their encounters. Clinicians select the patient from the schedule on the SpeechDocTM app, choose the job type, dictate and send. Our HIPAA compliant, cloud-based TrackDoc ConnectTM platform, coupled with highly skilled U.S. transcriptionists, generates extremely accurate text that automatically is inserted into the appropriate sections of your EHR!

Can you give more specifics on how it works?

Glad you asked! There are three ways to provide dictation: with ZyDoc® Medical Transcription’s flagship smartphone app SpeechDocTM, using a digital handheld recorder, or through the toll-free TelDoc dictation system using any standard telephone connection. Digital files are downloaded onto a workstation with internet access, which is then automatically transmitted to ZyDoc® Medical Transcription for transcription. The completed transcribed documents can be returned to any Windows PC or laptop with internet connection. You may choose to auto – print, sort by author name, or simply download your documents.

How do ZyDoc® Medical Transcription documentation solutions work?

Doctors dictate by smartphone, digital recorder or telephone; specialty-specific medical transcriptionists create highly accurate text and return as a transcribed document. EHR section level insertion is available.

How do you get patient demographics?

There is no single answer for this question. For larger groups, EMR integration and/or VPN access is a better solution. This allows us to have complete access and enables ZyDoc® Medical Transcription with the ability deliver complete and accurate documents without interrupting your daily operations.

Some doctors will dictate the patient’s name, spelling the names carefully and slowly. While on the other hand, many doctors will dictate the name very quickly and we are on our own to spell the name correctly. We prefer the patient schedule be electronically sent to us each day.

How do you get referring physician information?

It is recommended to receive an initial list with the referring doctor’s contact information when we begin working with your facility. Updates can be sent to us as needed. If you are unable to extract this information from your system, or do not have a list, ZyDoc®

Medical Transcription has an extensive database where we access the information needed.

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