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We want you to spend time creating your Podcast not transcribing it.

ZyDoc offers competitive rates starting as low as  $1 a minute with no setup fees.

Signup is simple. You can easily upload your files and start transcribing your podcasts the same day.

Don’t wait any longer to start transcribing your podcasts with ZyDoc today.

Transcriptions can make an impact on your podcasts to help grow audience and boost SEO.




Why stop at just a Podcast?

Add a Blog into the mix.


Podcast transcripts are a word-for-word manuscript of your podcast that has several benefits.

By repurposing your transcripts into a blog-style on your personal website we can help you optimize your SEO and reach a larger number of listeners with a podcast transaction.



Benefits of transcribing your podcast:







Do I need to transcribe my podcast?

We highly recommend transcribing your podcast audio to boost its accessibility, improve search engine optimization, draw in new listeners, and give your audience a way to easily scan your content.


Does a podcast need a transcript?

If you’re a serious podcaster, one who creates high quality content that generates and attracts audience, then you need a transcript that will help you get the most out of your content.


How much does it cost to transcribe a podcast?

We offer service plans starting as low as $1 a minute  to accommodate a range of setups. 

Call 800-546-5633 or chat with the ZyDoc Sales Team or request a sales specialist to contact you.


How do you handle my data’s privacy and security?

The security and privacy of your recordings is of highest priority for us.

All data is highly secure with encrypted data residing in redundant HITRUST, CSF certified Cloud Servers.

No data ever stored locally. Rated 99/100 by an Independent third-party security firm audit.


Which file formats do you accept?

Currently support most formats.


Who uses podcast transcription?

Podcast transcription is a common practice that allows podcasters to review their show as text, repurpose it, improve accessibility, user experience, visibility, and audience outreach. It is used by podcast creators, in radio production and by digital marketing agencies, to name a few.


How is your customer service?

ZyDoc provides friendly, U.S. based, award-winning customer service 24/7. In fact, we were ranked #1 in Customer Service and Support in the 2018 Top Medical Transcription and Technology Services & Documentation Solutions Survey, conducted by Black Book Market Research.


Can you transcribe multi-speaker files?

Yes! We offer transcription services for multiple-speaker files. Contact us for details.


Can you rush my order?

Yes! We can return your transcription jobs back to you as fast as you need them






Industry Leading Transcription Service

Black Book(™) Research has consistently named ZyDoc as a leading outsourced Document Capture solutions provider for its Medical transcription Services. The document capture solution survey results are based on nearly 5000 Nationwide interviews with hospital, health system, ambulatory facilities and physician practice clients and ranks vendors on customer satisfaction and operational metrics.


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