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ZyDoc Knows ASCs

Surgery Center

I have had nothing but positive experiences with the whole system right from the sales person down to our letters. The whole transition from our old dictation service to ZyDoc has been wonderful, and I would recommend them to anyone.

Kim Q. - Client since 2001, working at Medical Clinic with 15 employees

Surgery Center

We love ZyDoc! The simplicity of getting it started to the quick support we receive makes the functioning of our surgery center quick and easy. Our docs find it to be simple and quick!

Lorena Reynoso, CPC - Nobility Management

Surgery Center

Implementing a new dictation service can be daunting and extremely time-consuming. Vicki Day managed the transition for our company and it was seamless. She continues to be extremely responsive and update or fix anything we need even after office hours. I would highly recommend ZyDoc as this has been a great transition and our physicians are very happy.

Chrissy Becker, RN - Physicians United Surgery Center


It has been really easy to get ZyDoc up and running at our new multi-specialty center. The team at Zydoc has been top quality and easy to work with and the physicians are finding the service very easy to use.

Amy Cooper - CEO, Green Mountain Surgery Center

Surgery Center

I am really happy with the transcription services provided by ZyDoc. It makes it easy and convenient for the Doctors to use it in our facility.

Kathleen Donigan, R.N., C.O.E., COO - Eye Care Center of Port Huron - Michigan Outpatient Surgery Center

Trusted by Leading ASCs Nationwide Since 1993:



What to Expect :


 Zero Business Interruption

 Quick & Effortless Startup

 No Training Required



Easy-Peasy Administration


We offer immediate start up without IT support.  Doctors require no training and can dictate toll-free or use our smart phone app.  We return jobs as soon as 2 hours that can be electronically signed, automatically shared, faxed, downloaded, printed, and inserted into EHRs.  The HIPAA secure enterprise cloud platform provides administrators, coders, and billers easy job management.


High Surgeon Satisfaction


 Familiar Hospital System

 Telephone 1-800 or smartphone app

 Dictate from anywhere

 Review and Sign online anytime

 Auto fax, download, print, EHR insertion


Dictate your operative reports via telephone anytime from anywhere.  Use ZyDoc’s smart phone app or 800 toll-free number with prompts just like the hospital system.  Review your stat admitting notes and op reports anytime and anywhere with any browser with e-signature.  Fax, download, print and insert he reports into your EHR.






Why Choose ZyDoc? 

For more than 25 years, we have been developing solutions in healthcare technology at ZyDoc. We are uniquely qualified to provide physicians with EHR transcription services that are customizable and can meet the everyday requirements of a healthcare facility.

We offer our customers the following services:

For a faster, simpler medical documentation method that allows you to use dictation, contact us today.



Eliminate The Scavenger Hunt &

Get All Your Signed Documents In One Place



What if we don’t use an Electronic Health Record (EHR)?

 Not a problem! We will gladly work with all offices, even those without an EHR. You will get your reports in the format that you want and need for your existing workflow. You can just download the reports right from our website.

We have multiple locations. How would this work?

We work with many doctors who dictate from multiple locations and offer a variety of solutions to support your workflow and improve your existing processes. We have full-time programmers who are available to provide a customized solution for you.

Is your service HIPAA compliant?

Yes. All ZyDoc® Medical Transcription documentation solutions are fully HIPAA compliant.

Will I have access to transcribed medical records from my computer?

Yes. You will have a secure login and password and we are cloud-based. You can login from any internet browser.



Industry Leading Transcription Service

Black Book(™) Research has consistently named ZyDoc as a leading outsourced Document Capture solutions provider for its Medical transcription Services. The document capture solution survey results are based on nearly 5000 Nationwide interviews with hospital, health system, ambulatory facilities and physician practice clients and ranks vendors on customer satisfaction and operational metrics.