ZyDoc provides secure web-based transcription, remote scribing, and EHR data insertion services.

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ZyDoc Transcription

Fast, HIPAA-secure, accurate. With section-level EHR insertion via MediSapien integration.

Small to large-size practices, all medical specialties. Dictation via SmartPhone, digital recorders or toll-free TelDoc™ with robust data match and job tracking to minimize workflow disruptions. Learn more.

ZyDoc Transcription Platform

For MTSOs and Hospitals.

Award-winning, cloud-based enterprise platform for in-house or outsourced transcription, MTSOs, hospitals. In-house or outsourced transcription. Cloud-hosted or in your data center. Role-based secure access and tracking. Comprehensive document management platform. Fax, EHR interoperabliltiy via MediSapien Connect, download and print solutions See details.

MediSapien EHR Insertion

Dictation to Documentation to EHR.

Use your phone to insert section-level and structured data into leading EHRs including AthenaHealth, AllScripts, GE Centricity, eClinicalWorks, EPIC, Practice Fusion, more.
Legacy document solutions: scanned text (OCR) for EHR insertion or attachments. EHR conversions. EHR implementation. Learn more.

MediSapien Structured Data and Analytics

Applications to unlock meaning from siloed data. For Pharma and hospitals. 

MediSapien utilizes natural language processing and associated patent-pending technologies to structure and unlock meaning from unstructured or semi-structured data from EHRs and legacy records. MediSapien facilitates interoperability with powerful analytics and trend analysis. Learn more.

Frustration with documentation process

ZyDoc dictation and transcription app that connects to your EHR.

Get the smartphone app that allows easy population of your EHR with on-the-go connectivity.

Doctors can dictate anywhere, any time into our secure cloud-based service AND check their schedules, select patient records, browse history prior to visit, and dictate encounters into EHR-specific templates.

Requires no hardware investment.
Requires no tethering to a desk or computer.
Uses the cloud for 24/7 on-the-go access.
Offers section-level interface using your EHR's architecture.

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Reliable, supporting systems & software

Get fast turnaround, HIPAA-compliant encryption, and impeccable accuracy.

  • Spend less time with your computer
  • Spend more time with patients
  • Have more time for life outside the office
  • Use your preferred device to dictate: smartphone, tablet, telephone, handheld recorder
  • Case Management
  • Comparative Effectiveness Outcomes
  • Adverse Event Monitoring
  • Retrospective Studies
  • Coming soon — Predictive Analytics
  • Compare results to peers’ with anonymous doctors and patients.

"This organization raised my level of confidence which opened a door of opportunity to implement a major internal reorganization to outsource the internal transcription staff from the medical/surgical units and clinics." - Carmen D., state mental health facility

"We recommend ZyDoc to provide not only reliable service, but reliable technology for efficient workflow of patient documentation." - Roy W.

"I have had nothing but positive experiences with the whole system right from the sales person down to our letters. The whole transition from our old dictation service to ZyDoc has been wonderful, and I would recommend them to anyone." - Kim Q.

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News Release: ZyDoc Accepted into Stony Brook University Incubator Program

ZyDoc Accepted into Stony Brook University Incubator Program to Develop Health Information Knowledge Management Technologies ISLANDIA, NY (PRWEB) NOVEMBER 9, 2017 – ZyDoc, a New York-based medical informatics company, is pleased to announce its acceptance into the Stony Brook Incubator Program at Stony Brook University. The Incubator Program, which helps new technologically innovative companies grow by…

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News Release: ZyDoc Releases Android Version of Mobile Dictation App with EHR Connectivity

ZyDoc Releases Android Version of Mobile Dictation App with EHR Connectivity for TrackDoc Connect™ Medical Transcription Customers. ZyDoc has released an Android version of its popular mobile dictation app for use with TrackDoc Connect,™ ZyDoc’s secure cloud-based transcription service. ISLANDIA, NY (PRWEB) OCTOBER 02, 2017 ZyDoc has released an Android version of its popular mobile dictation…

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Press Release: James M. Maisel, MD Chairs the Epidemiology and Prevention of Diabetes Section at the 5th World Congress of Diabetes

ISLANDIA, NY (PRWEB) JULY 28, 2017 James M. Maisel, MD, Chairman and CEO of ZyDoc, a New York-based medical informatics company, was honored to have chaired the Epidemiology and Prevention of Diabetes section at the 5th World Congress of Diabetes 2017, July 12-14, 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic. Maisel, who is also chairman of Retina…

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