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Epic EHR Documentation Services

Epic EHR Documentation Services from ZyDoc

ZyDoc inserts highly accurate transcribed notes into the appropriate sections within Epic, which saves clinicians valuable time, money and energy. This service comes as part of our Standard, Professional and Enterprise Plans. After we transcribe a physician’s dictated encounter notes, we upload them to ZyDoc’s cloud storage platform where they automatically insert into the appropriate sections within EpicCare. With your transcribed clinical information in EpicCare, you can use it with other Epic platforms, including:

  • MyChart patient portal and communications
  • Haiku, Canto and Limerick mobile interfaces
  • Healthy Planet population data
  • Cosmos patient data
  • Care Everywhere interoperability features

Why Integrate Epic with ZyDoc?

When you integrate your medical transcriptions with Epic, you’ll get the advantages of integration in a convenient package. Automatic transcription integration APIs will enable you to:

  • Make your everyday documentation more manageable: With physician mental health becoming an increasing priority in the healthcare industry, TrackDoc Connect™ can improve the user’s day-to-day documentation. By increasing documentation efficiency, transcription integration APIs can also enhance a physician’s mental well-being. Let our services and TrackDoc Connect™ manage most of your documentation workload.
  • Transfer accurate documentation to Epic: A direct and automatic integration service like TrackDoc Connect™ can help you keep your data consistent across platforms. TrackDoc Connect™ will transfer the information in your transcription to your EpicCare records and populate the corresponding fields. Our personalized implementation process will allow us to customize our transcription and data transfer methods to fit your dictation and documentation style.
  • Scale ZyDoc to your practice size: Because of its automatic nature, TrackDoc Connect™ will lighten your workload when it has any number of patient records to integrate. Larger practices with high numbers of patients can benefit from our transcription integration as much as smaller ones.
  • Match your integration services to your practice structure: Since TrackDoc Connect™ transfers information directly to Epic, it scales to your practice structure to the same degree as your EHR. We can provide Epic integration services to clients with any number of locations, disciplines or patients. Our users work in surgery, general practice, behavioral health and virtually any other healthcare field.
  • Bill consistently with your documentation: If you pull information from Epic for revenue cycle management, an integration like TrackDoc Connect™ will keep your data consistent across platforms. TrackDoc Connect™ matches transcription information from our TrackDoc cloud storage platform to its corresponding entry in EpicCare. EpicCare then integrates with Epic’s revenue cycle features for accurate billing.

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    What are the Advantages of ZyDoc's Epic EHR Documentation Services?

    Our TrackDoc Connect™ API is just one of the elements of our transcription suite. At ZyDoc, we use our API to integrate our transcription services into our clients’ operations seamlessly. As your transcription provider, we’ll enable you to:

    • Maintain security and HIPAA compliance: We protect all of the data we send to and receive from you using 128-bit encryption and additional security measures that meet industry standards. Thanks to our high level of data protection, our services comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards. If your regulations mandate U.S.-based typists, our Professional and Enterprise Plans will meet those security requirements.
    • Get assistance with installation and use: As our customer, you’ll have access to dedicated technicians to help you with installation and ongoing use. After they install any required technology and teach you how to use it, our technical team can answer your questions anytime. During the implementation phase, we’ll also give you a directory of contacts and instructions for use that you can reference for self-guidance.
    • Personalize your implementation: As part of the on-boarding process, your ZyDoc representative will determine your needs and create a customized setup plan for your organization. During your implementation meeting, you’ll work with them to establish your documentation workflow and ideal services. Our internal team will then use this information to make services like TrackDoc Connect™ as effective as possible for your everyday operations.
    • Integrate TrackDoc Connect™ into your preferred EHR: Our integration services are compatible with most EHRs on the market. We designed TrackDoc Connect™ to work with well-known EHRs like Cerner and MEDITECH to make it accessible to practices across the world. Many clients who don’t have an EHR that is compatible with TrackDoc Connect™ can also take advantage of our integration services. Any client who has a cloud-based EHR can have us access their records as a user and manually insert their transcriptions for them.
    • Pay for transcription by the line: TrackDoc Connect™ comes as part of three of our four plans at no extra fee. We charge for our services per line of transcription, so you can adjust your usage as needed as long as you meet our minimum usage benchmarks.

    Start Benefiting Today from ZyDoc’s Epic EHR Documentation Services

    With ZyDoc’s mobile-friendly, dictation-based EHR documentation services and HIPAA-compliant technology, you can save time on creating clinical documentation within Epic to focus on patient care. Find out more by calling us at 1-800-546-5633 or by contacting our staff online.

    Why Doctors Choose ZyDoc Medical Transcription

    Great response time with transcription and customer response is super quick.

    Shannyn - Umpqua Valley Internists

    Great Customer Service, always able to reach out and get a response quickly. 

    Michele B. - Boulder City Hospital

    I have always found Lisa Robbins to be so helpful and very responsive, whenever I have questions. It is one of the reasons I really love ZyDoc. Communication is very easy, which I appreciate and that is even with a 4 hour time difference between us! Thank you as always for making this part of my job stress free!


    Joanne Singleton - State of Alaska Division of Public Health

    ZyDoc has offered a productive solution that allows our Patient Care Providers to maintain prompt patient care, efficient patient documentation turnaround, and a preferred convenience with the use of smart phone app for dictation. With the integrated interface into our EMR, completed patient visit notes are available promptly for continued patient care and sharing of information. Additionally, the response time for support and application assistance is excellent, knowledgeable and friendly.

    Michelle MacDonald - Copley Hospital

    I am really happy with the transcription services provided by ZyDoc. It makes it easy and convenient for the Doctors to use it in our facility.

    Kathleen Donigan, R.N., C.O.E., COO - Eye Care Center of Port Huron - Michigan Outpatient Surgery Center

    Since starting with ZyDoc, all my providers found the system very easy to use. Even our older doctors didn’t have any issues. My staff was amazed at the rapid response to getting letters back to send out and the accuracy was outstanding. Every time I reach out with a question or concern, I always get a quick reply. The pricing is fair and reasonable and we are very happy with the service. Best decision we made to switch. Thank you ZyDoc.

    Jamie Espinoza - Affiliates in Gastroenterology

    I appreciated the friendly, personal attention I was given during the set-up of my account.

    Everett McKibben, MD - Laird Clinic of Family Medicine

    ZyDoc is a leader in the transcription sector because they can process extremely complex neurological reports quickly and accurately. Their quality and customer service is next to none, we have been extremely satisfied with their service for more than 8 years.

    Jodean Petersen, BS, CSO - Institute for Nerve Medicine

    ZyDoc was very accommodating and checking in with us with deliverables was superb. I  appreciate ZyDoc for working with us in a very professional manner.

    Aaron Chiusano - Maryland Center for School Safety

    Customer service is great, and I am extremely happy with the transcription services.

    Farshad Hannanian, MD -

    It has been really easy to get ZyDoc up and running at our new multi-specialty center. The team at Zydoc has been top quality and easy to work with and the physicians are finding the service very easy to use.

    Amy Cooper - CEO, Green Mountain Surgery Center

    ZyDoc is not only an easy program to access and utilize, but their customer service and web connectivity also make it a very seamless process when trying to reconcile, resolve and troubleshoot issues.

    Lawrence Estrada - Pueblo Cardiology Associates

    Implementing a new dictation service can be daunting and extremely time-consuming. Vicki Day managed the transition for our company and it was seamless. She continues to be extremely responsive and update or fix anything we need even after office hours. I would highly recommend ZyDoc as this has been a great transition and our physicians are very happy.

    Chrissy Becker, RN - Physicians United Surgery Center

    We love ZyDoc! The simplicity of getting it started to the quick support we receive makes the functioning of our surgery center quick and easy. Our docs find it to be simple and quick!

    Lorena Reynoso, CPC - Nobility Management

    Our practice has used ZyDoc Medical Transcription Service for approximately 9 years. The transcribed reports are always accurate and done timely. The service is both cost and time efficient. And very user friendly! We highly recommend their services.


    Our office has used ZyDoc for many years for our transcription needs. They provide us with fast and efficient service. They are a real “time” saver which allows us to focus more time with our patients. We look forward to continuing with their services.

    Tammy Arbuckle - 1st Urology

    Accuracy: The level of accuracy is exceptional and exceeds the expected accuracy standards! Customer service: Consistently amazing customer service. Never too busy and always makes you feel important. Communication: Working with ZyDoc to integrate our myAvatar EHR system and the committed communication is the key to our success. Thank you for all you do for us and thanks for always caring!

    - Nevada Department of Health and Human Services Division of Child and Family Services

    ZyDoc is amazing! Our doctors really enjoy how user-friendly the website is!

    Administative Assistant - Nevada Department of Health and Human Services

    Turnaround time is excellent. Fast and efficient customer service.

    Alejandro Arias, MD -

    I have never dealt with an easier transcription service. Rapid turnaround time for dictations and an easy to contact customer service.

    Jennifer Biddle - Advanced Physician Services, PC

    Professional service, fast turnaround, very efficient and excellent value for money!

    Milan Oleksak, M.D. - Orthopaedic & Physiotherapy Associates

    I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with the time accuracy ZyDoc provides. The patients and insurance companies are so pleased that they are getting their dictations within 24 hrs. after their scheduled appointments. Some are amazed! Also thank you for all your help and guidance when I need you!

    - Michigan Neuro-Ophthalmology

    We have been using ZyDoc for years and the ease of the system is fantastic and all of our providers are very satisfied.

    Mary Ann Robinson - Katzen Eye Care and Laser Center

    My doctors and I have been working with ZyDoc for over 10 years and we are happy with the service they provide. Anytime there have been technical issues, they are very responsive and quick to find resolution. Would highly recommend!

    Debbie Moul - Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Associates, Inc.

    ZyDoc offers quick and proficient transcription services and always have friendly and professional staff available to help with any questions of concerns. ZyDoc is dependable and their services are user-friendly. Would definitely recommend to others to use.

    Veronica Boiadjian - Dane Street, LLC

    I can’t say thank you enough. ZyDoc has made my life so much easier!

    Laurie Oliver - COE, Practice Administrator, Stolte Eye Center

    I have had nothing but positive experiences with the whole system right from the sales person down to our letters. The whole transition from our old dictation service to ZyDoc has been wonderful, and I would recommend them to anyone.

    Kim Q. - Client since 2001, working at Medical Clinic with 15 employees

    We recommend ZyDoc to provide not only reliable service, but reliable technology for efficient workflow of patient documentation.

    Roy W. -

    This organization raised my level of confidence which opened a door of opportunity to implement a major internal reorganization to outsource the internal transcription staff from the medical/surgical units and clinics.

    Carmen D. - State mental health facility

    The doctors like the mobile app and they find it easy to use!

    Sandy Wagner - Arlington Orthopedics

    I love it! I am focused on getting the notes done, even when I am exhausted I have enough in me to get them done knowing your staff is doing the back end work.

    Danielle Dronet, LISW-S - Center for Advanced Mental Health Practice (using ZyDoc's mobile app & Practice Fusion EHR)

    You guys are beyond great! I don’t get tired of complimenting the great and speedy service!

    Victor Cordero, PsyD -