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Medical Transcription Services

Fast, Accurate and Secure Medical Transcription Services From ZyDoc

Leading practices, ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) and hospitals nationwide have been utilizing medical transcription services from ZyDoc since 1993 because it maximizes physician productivity. With an average doctor being able to dictate three times faster than typing, robust patient records can be created quickly to not only save time, but also justify higher levels of reimbursement and minimize insurance claims denials. Schedule a free demo to learn more or sign up with one of our plans starting at 14 cents per line. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee so you can discover risk-free how ZyDoc will not only help you better manage patient medical records, but significantly reduce your clinical documentation burden as well.

With an average doctor being able to dictate three times faster than typing, robust patient records can be created quickly to not only save time, but also justify higher levels of reimbursement.

All of ZyDoc’s medical transcription service plans include features to make it easier for modern medical professionals to create patient notes quickly and efficiently. Medical transcription services from ZyDoc offer tremendous value to physicians looking to streamline their entire clinical documentation process without the burden of using inaccurate speech recognition software, or hiring, training and managing a scribe or in-house transcriptionist. Our medical transcription services include:

  • Access to our ZyDoc smartphone recording app
  • Handheld digital recorder submission software
  • Telephone and email support
  • HIPAA security
  • Frequently-used phrase insertions
  • Closed-loop feedback and quality assurance process

Improve Your Workflow Efficiency With Our Unique Medical Transcription Services

When you use ZyDoc to improve medical transcription efficiency, you’ll appreciate the advantages of HIPAA-compliant technology created with the medical field’s challenges in mind. The unique benefits of our medical transcription services include:

  • Multiple choices of dictation technology: ZyDoc technology works with four dictation platforms — our smartphone app, our toll-free dictation line, a tablet or a voice recorder. Choose the most convenient option for your workflow.
  • Company leadership with medical experience: Our CEO and founder is a practicing surgeon who uses our software to aid his medical transcription every day. He started ZyDoc with his fellow healthcare professionals in mind, so you can rest assured that you’ll get technology designed around your needs.
  • Cloud-based transcription access: We can store your finished transcriptions on TrackDoc™, our proprietary cloud platform. This internet-based system has HIPAA-compliant security and allows you to access it from anywhere. Our cloud-based software to help medical transcription offers the confidentiality and flexibility required by today’s healthcare industry.
  • EHR integration capabilities: With TrackDoc Connect™, you can link your transcription services to your EHR to have your notes automatically inserted into a file. TrackDoc Connect™ populates each area in a patient note to deliver full EHR documentation.
  • Dedicated training and support: After you register for one of our service plans, our technicians will train you on how to record dictations, upload audio and view your documents. We’ll also provide instructions for toll-free phone dictation, your ZyDoc team’s contact information and a TrackDoc™ user manual.


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    Trusted by Leading Practices, ASCs & Hospitals Nationwide Since 1993:

    How Much Does ZyDoc's Medical Transcription Services Cost?

    ZyDoc’s four medical transcription service plans are designed to address a range of needs. Our Basic Plan is for physicians who simply need fast, accurate and secure transcription services and do not want ZyDoc to integrate with their EHR:

    • Basic Plan: 14¢/lineIdeal for dictating highly accurate clinical reports and referral letters (98% accuracy rate / 24-Hour TAT)

    For physicians who are ready to streamline their entire EHR charting process, we offer medical transcription plans that include inserting transcribed notes into the appropriate fields within your electronic health record (EHR) system. Our medical transcription services with EHR interoperability start at just 16.5¢ a line and have a 24-hour turnaround time. We offer the following plans:

    • Standard Plan: 16.5¢/lineIdeal for automatically inserting your transcribed notes into your EHR (98.6% accuracy rate / 24-Hour TAT) 
    • Professional Plan: 20¢/lineIdeal for EHR users with automated insertion and U.S. typist requirements (99% accuracy rate / 12-Hour TAT)
    • Enterprise Plan: 25¢/lineIdeal for EHR users who have frequent or high volume STAT job requirements (99.6% accuracy rate / 4-Hour TAT)

    Ultimately, the best way to determine what plan would be ideal for you is to request a free trial and try out ZyDoc’s medical transcription services for yourself. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee of our services so you can see firsthand how medical transcription can help you better manage patient medical records and ease the burden of creating clinical documentation.

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    Medical Transcription Services from ZyDoc Enables Physicians To:

    • See more patients and finish work on time
    • Reduce their EHR documentation burden and avoid burnout
    • Work with dictation using minimal cognitive effort
    • Improve EHR usability and adoption through simplified dictation solutions
    • Improve EHR/EMR content with rich medical transcripts
    • Improve patient care, support insurance claims and lower malpractice risk

    How ZyDoc’s Award-Winning Medical Transcription Services Work

    Fortunately, medical transcription services offer a quick and convenient way for physicians to record and store their findings. Instead of having to enter their notes manually into their computers, they can dictate them into a voice recorder, phone or smartphone and upload the files to a medical transcription service.

    Instead of having to enter their notes manually into their computers, they can dictate them into a voice recorder, phone or smartphone and upload the files to a medical transcription service.

    There, the voice files are transformed into text by transcriptionists who are well-versed in medical terminology. In some cases, the text is first processed by an application, and the resulting transcript is then reviewed by a transcriptionist. When the transcript is complete, it’s either sent back to the physician or stored in our secure, cloud-based platform for review.

    Transcription services for medical practices are necessary because healthcare professionals are often overburdened. A growing number of studies show that accurately and comprehensively maintaining electronic health records requires a great deal of time and contributes significantly to physician burnout. At the same time, hiring a medical scribe or another staff member to maintain clinical documentation is costly, risks, medical errors or critical omissions and can even be unfeasible for smaller, private practices. Speech recognition as an alternative is slower for the physician than dictation and requires a substantial upfront investment, training and customization. It is a very technical solution requiring IT support and requires high cognitive effort to navigate and correct errors. On the other hand, transcription is easy and fast and generates a rich clinical narrative.

    Advantages of ZyDoc’s Medical Transcription Services

    ZyDoc’s unique medical transcription service is based on the combination of having processed over 10 million documents and the experience of our CEO and founder, James M. Maisel, MD — a New York-based practicing retina surgeon. Dr. Maisel uses our system to see more than 40 patients before 5 p.m. each day and consistently generates highly accurate, expert-level clinical documentation using ZyDoc’s services.

    Our medical transcription services consist of:

    • TrackDoc™, a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based platform facilitating highly accurate transcription
      where the text files are stored, managed, searched, and distributed within a customized
    • TrackDoc Connect™, which interacts with your EHR to automatically insert your transcripts into the appropriate sections of your EHR.

    Our medical transcription services:

    • Are easy to implement and use
    • Are cloud-based and require no software installation
    • Are 100% HIPAA-compliant
    • Provide multiple dictation options with smartphones, tablets, digital recorders, and our 1-800 TelDoc™ service
    • Provide audio and text that is accessible from any device and with any browser
    • Are unparalleled in terms of accuracy for high-quality clinical documentation
    • Provide granular control of user access and account privileges
    • Offer measured accuracy, turnaround time and continuous quality improvement
    • Are #1 rated for customer service and support by Black Book Research
    • Are highly secure, with encrypted data stored in HITRUST CSF certified, redundant Microsoft Azure Cloud Servers
    • Are 100% background-checked, U.S.-based and HIPAA-trained personnel with job access tracking

    Medical Transcription by Specialty

    At ZyDoc, our goal is to ease the burden of clinical documentation and reduce physician burnout, regardless of whether you work in a practice, ASC or hospital. We offer medical transcription services for all specialties including, but not limited to:

    For more information about the specialties we serve, please contact a ZyDoc representative about our medical transcription services.

    How It Works

    Dictate Anytime, Anywhere

    Doctors can dictate anytime, and from anywhere by smartphone, digital recorder or telephone

    ZyDoc Transcription

    Our specialty-specific medical typists and editors transform dictations into highly accurate documentation

    EHR Charting

    Transcribed documents can be inserted into the appropriate sections of any EHR manually or via an interface


    Let ZyDoc’s Fast, Accurate and HIPAA-Compliant Medical Transcription Services Start Benefiting You

    Of course, the century-old dictation practice has replaced stenographers with highly skilled medical transcriptionists whose work is enhanced by a plethora of technology. The transcriptionist now can work on a secure cloud-based platform and is often helped by a speech recognition draft, prompted with lists of common phrases specific to that physician, spell checking and sophisticated job tracking with quality control systems measuring accuracy rate and turnaround time. Their work is more that of an editor, handling the words missed by the speech recognition technologies, making changes the doctor dictates to add content, moving and deleting what was already dictated and correcting grammatical dictation errors, particularly for doctors with accents. Transcriptionists are a fail-safe, and it is not uncommon for them to be flagging documents for possible medical errors, omissions or conflicts within the document.

    Transcriptionists are a fail-safe, and it is not uncommon for them to be flagging documents for possible medical errors, omissions or conflicts within the document.

    The final transcript is always returned promptly and is highly accurate, formatted to specification and in digital format. Once completed, our cloud-based platform allows access to the document to those with proper security and access privileges with any internet-enabled device and with any browser. Our transcription platform has a sophisticated workflow to route work to clinical quality improvement specialists and coders who may annotate questions or comments even before the doctor reviews it and signs off. After completion, the transcription platform may be utilized for faxing reports to other caregivers,  as well as enabling the automated insertion of designated jobs into the proper sections of an EHR. It serves as a repository even when the EHR is unavailable for reviewing completed work or faxing a document request to justify insurance payment.

    Are you ready to experience the benefits of using an award-winning medical transcription company? To learn more about ZyDoc, call 1-800-546-5633. Or, if you’re ready to enjoy the advantages of our top-rated service, explore our plans and pricing and start using our medical transcription services today.

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