Mental Health Transcription Services

Why Do You Need Transcription Services for Mental Health Practitioners?

Mental health practitioners may take more notes than any other health care professional. Many mental illnesses do not have obvious symptoms, and mental health professionals must take great care to document everything they can to justify their diagnoses.

If those diagnoses are ever challenged, the mental health professional must be able to produce a clear and complete patient record. But with all the patients they see and all the notes they take, getting the right information into the record can seem like an overwhelming task. That’s why medical transcription services for mental health practitioners are so important.

We can provide mental health transcription services for:

  •  individual counseling
  • couples counseling
  • intake surveys
  • assessments
  • interventional appointments
  • group counseling
  • And more

What Transcription/Dictation Obstacles Do Mental Health Practitioners Face?

Mental health practitioners rarely have time to transcribe their own notes into the record. However, finding someone who can transcribe medical reports for mental health practitioners accurately and quickly while still abiding by HIPAA regulations can be extremely challenging, and one transcriptionist may not even be enough. This situation is why so many mental health practitioners are turning to ZyDoc for help.

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How Do Mental Health Transcription Services Work?

If you’re looking for an easy way to streamline getting your notes into your EHR, you’ve found it. We were ranked #1 on Black Book Market Research’s 2018 list of Top Medical Transcription and Technology Services & Documentation Solutions for a reason. This service is incredibly easy to use, and you can do it all from your phone or other digital device.

Explore our custom transcription plans, and sign up for the one that suits your needs the best. Then, download SpeechDoc™, our mobile app. Now you’re ready to go. No software to install or special instructions needed — just fill in basic patient information, indicate the type of note you’re dictating and start recording.

When you’re finished, submit it to us through the app. It will reach our professional transcriptionists securely, and the entire note will be transcribed according to HIPAA regulations. Our method is 99.6% accurate compared to standard speech recognition programs, and we can usually have your notes back to you in two hours or less.

Log in and download your clean, perfectly transcribed notes from our secure cloud server, TrackDoc™. You can then manually or automatically insert your notes into patient records.

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What Is the Benefit to You of Mental Health Report Transcription Services?

Keeping all of your records straight and accurate in between giving your patients proper care can be extremely taxing. With our mental health report transcription services, you can rid yourself of the stress of worrying about accurate EHRs. You’ll have your notes fast, and they’ll be ready to go into the record to give you a complete EHR without costing you valuable time and energy.

How Can Mental Health EHR Insertion Services Benefit You?

The end goal is to make sure you have complete and accurate patient records when you need them for your own purposes or to help with insurance claims or medical audits. By taking advantage of our medical transcription services with EHR integration, you can remove one more layer that could stand between a fast and accurate completion of the health record.

How Can Structured Data and Analytics Services Help Mental Health Practitioners?

Finding the best way to care for the mentally ill is an evolving science. Our structured data and analytics services can help you learn even more about your patients and the way you treat them to help inform you and improve your services.

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