Independent Medical Examiner Transcription Services

Why Do Independent Medical Examiners Need Medical Transcription Services?

An independent medical examiner is a licensed health care professional who is responsible for helping answer particular medical questions for a legal proceeding, such as a disability claim or injury lawsuit. Having accurate records is crucial for such a medical professional.

The nature of the independent medical examiner job means practitioners will often be making notes on the go through verbal recordings. There’s not always time or resources at the examination site to type accurate notes or get them into Electronic Health Records (EHRs). Thus, medical transcription services for medical examiners are crucial.

We can provide independent medical examiner transcription services for:

  • autopsies
  • specimen examination
  • tissue examination
  • unnatural death investigation
  • on-site investigations
  • finding reports
  • testimony preparation
  • forensic pathology
  • forensic medicine
  • And more

What Transcription/Dictation Obstacles Do Independent Medical Examiners Face?

Independent medical examiners often do not have the time to transcribe their notes or update Electronic Health Records in a timely manner. They may be conducting multiple examinations in a week or even in a day, and finding time to sort out all the notes and transcribe them properly can be difficult.

However, since these notes, or the information provided within them, may be used in legal hearings, it’s absolutely vital for the notes to be accurate. The independent medical examiner may be asked to produce their notes at a moment’s notice. The solution is a professional service that knows how to quickly and accurately transcribe medical reports for medical examiners. ZyDoc offers just such transcription services for medical examiners.

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How Do Independent Medical Examiner Transcription Services Work?

If you can use a voice recorder on your phone or tablet, you’ll have no problem using ZyDoc. Our platform is so intuitive and easy to use that we were ranked #1 on Black Book Market Research’s 2018 list of Top Medical Transcription and Technology Services & Documentation Solutions.

Just choose the plan that best suits you and sign up. Then, all you’ll have to do is download the app. SpeechDoc™ is an intuitive application that couldn’t be simpler to use. You’ll put in some basic information about your patient and your note and then start recording. Once you’re done, press a button to send it off to our transcriptionists. The system is entirely secure, and the process is 100% HIPAA compliant. Our transcriptionists are experienced, highly trained professionals who have a 99.6% accuracy rate relative to regular speech recognition programs.

Shortly, often in two hours or less, you can log on to pick up your fully transcribed notes from TrackDoc™, our completely secure cloud server where the notes are stored. You’ll then be free to use them in your examinations, insert them into your EHRs or apply them to whatever your needs may be.

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What Is the Benefit to You of Independent Medical Examiner Report Transcription Services?

Legal cases may hinge on the accuracy of your records. With our independent medical examiner transcription services, you’ll be free to do the work you’re being paid to do with the confidence of knowing the accurate notes you take will be there when you need them.

How Can Independent Medical Examiner Record Insertion Services Benefit You?

Even if you have a method for transcribing notes, you’ll often still have to insert them manually into patient records. With ZyDoc, you can insert them yourself if you want, but you don’t have to. Just press a button to automatically insert your notes seamlessly into records using our medical transcription services with EHR integration, making it even more certain that your records will be complete and ready when you require them.

How Can Structured Data and Analytics Services Help Independent Medical Examiners?

The more data you have, the better you can do your job as an independent medical examiner. Our structured data and analytics features will help provide the information you need to maximize the benefits of your services.

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