Medical Transcription Services for Physicians

Along with many breakthroughs in medical treatments, recent advancements in how patients’ medical records are maintained, updated and shared mean that physicians are more burdened than ever to keep up with an ongoing stream of data entry. If they don’t, they face a myriad of risks associated with malpractice, audits and challenges to reimbursement.

Physicians are more burdened than ever to keep up with an ongoing stream of data entry.

In addition, with the advent of electronic health records — or EHRs — comes a host of privacy and regulatory issues. Practices and facilities of all sizes have to remain in compliance with HIPAA — the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act — or face the possibility of steep fines.

How Our Award-Winning Medical Transcription Services Work

With the option of using whatever form of communication matches your working style — from smartphones and tablets to digital voice recorders and telephones — making use of ZyDoc’s HIPAA-compliant medical transcription services offers the following benefits:

  • The ability to see more patients when your documentation workload is reduced
  • Increased quality of care when you can better focus on your interactions with patients instead of typing at a computer
  • Improved job satisfaction when you’re able to avoid physician burnout that’s most commonly associated with data entry backlogs


ZyDoc is not only an easy program to access and utilize, but their customer service and web connectivity also make it a very seamless process when trying to reconcile, resolve and troubleshoot issues.

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Can Medical Transcription Services Alleviate Physicians' Data Entry Burden?

To help relieve physicians of the labor-intensive responsibilities associated with creating clinical documentation and EHR management, several types of transcription services for physicians have recently been developed. For example, the American College of Medical Scribe Specialists reports that more than 20,000 medical scribes were employed in various practices and services in 2014. And as proof of the need for their services, more than 100,000 medical scribes are predicted to be working across the nation by 2020.

As the need for proper documentation has become such an integral part of any medical practice’s ongoing success, the choice of digital dictation platforms for physicians can be overwhelming. And making the wrong decision regarding which service to use can result in much more than frustration — it can put an entire practice’s reputation and financial well-being in jeopardy.

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Let ZyDoc’s Mobile-Friendly, HIPAA-Compliant Medical Transcription Services Benefit You

Fortunately, easy-to-use, cloud-based transcription platforms for physicians are working quite well, especially when you make the choice to work with an award-winning company like ZyDoc. Physicians can be confident in our transcription services that are fully HIPAA-compliant and secure — and require no cumbersome software installation.

Plus, physicians can trust in the opinions of their peers. ZyDoc was ranked number one in customer service and support by healthcare practitioners in the 2018 Top Medical Transcription and Technology Services & Documentation Solutions according to Black Book Market Research — a trusted, unbiased source of aggregate customer experiences.

Try Our Medical Transcription Services with EHR Integration

Develop Greater Efficiency

Once your dictations have been transformed into accurate documentation via proprietary methods such as our mobile app SpeechDoc™, you'll have the choice of allowing ZyDoc to update your patients’ EHR charts automatically through the interface that works for you and your practice.

Leverage Structured Data and Analytics Information

Like with so many professional decisions these days, analyzing relevant data holds the key to making improvements. The result is that your section-level EHR insertions can be streamlined — leaving your practice less exposed to risks of malpractice and fully prepared in the event of a medical record audit.

Improve Your Medical Practice

With ZyDoc’s powerful structured data and analytics information, you can better manage cases, perform comparative effectiveness outcomes, do adverse event monitoring and even compare results to those of your peers through anonymous reporting.

Discover the ZyDoc Difference

For more information on how ZyDoc can improve your workflow by reducing your data entry burden, compare our plans and pricing or call us today at 1-800-546-5633 for a personalized demo of our specialty-specific medical transcription services.

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