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What Documentation Obstacles Do Internal Medicine Doctors Face?

Ask any member of the American College of Physicians how the digitization of patients’ health records has impacted their professional duties, and you’re likely to hear a great deal about working late to keep up with all the documentation associated with maintaining EHRs. Along with the rest of the medical community, internists are tasked with constantly keeping their patients’ EHRs properly updated, stored and ready to be shared with other health professionals.

As a result, internal medicine doctors are faced with juggling their schedules to fit in large amounts of data entry. Otherwise, they risk exposing their practices to malpractice lawsuits, challenges to reimbursements and medical record audits. Plus, with the adoption of EHRs, internists must navigate a host of privacy and regulatory issues. Most notably, medical practices of all sizes must comply with HIPAA or run the risk of being hit with sizable fines.

If the right medical transcription services are chosen for internal medicine doctors, both time constraints and compliance issues can be addressed in a secure and cost-effective manner.

We can provide internal medicine transcription services for:

  • annual physicals
  • illness
  • referral appointments
  • follow-up appointments
  • And more

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Are Internal Medicine Transcription Services The Solution To Your Data Entry Burden?

In their ongoing efforts to maintain accurate and complete EHRs, internists face two clear obstacles. First, the data entry related to every patient’s visit is a labor-intensive task that eats into an internist’s schedule. This process limits the number of patients a doctor can see on any given day and often causes overwork. The result is increased levels of stress and a higher risk of burnout. This second obstacle can also impact internal medicine doctors’ ability to maintain clear and precise patient records.

On the other hand, the decision to hire ancillary personnel to perform internal medicine transcription services on site can be expensive. And along with an increased on-site workforce comes additional expenditures related to office expenses and equipment, which can considerably add to any practice’s operating costs.

Let ZyDoc’s Mobile-Friendly, HIPAA-Compliant Internal Medicine Transcription Services Benefit You

A cost-effective alternative to late nights and additional staff, internal medicine transcription services provide doctors with a secure way of maintaining their patients’ EHRs. And of all internal medicine report transcription services on the market today, only the 100% HIPAA-compliant services from ZyDoc were ranked number one by health practitioners in the 2018 Top Medical Transcription and Technology Services & Documentation Solution Survey held by Black Book Market Research.

By choosing our medical transcription services for internists, you can ensure that your transcription tasks are outsourced to our highly trained transcriptionists so that you don’t have to spend valuable time on manual data entry. What’s more: We provide some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry and work with strict quality control measures, so you’ll never have to worry about your EHRs being accurate and complete again.

How Our Award-Winning Internal Medicine Transcription Services Work

Do you need to routinely type up internal medicine report after internal medicine report? Transcription services from ZyDoc offer the following significant benefits:

  • A lighter workload, decreased stress levels and enhanced job satisfaction
  • More time to see more patients
  • Increased revenue
  • Enhanced quality of care through improved focus

For internal medicine doctors, working with ZyDoc couldn’t be simpler. Our proprietary platform requires no software installation or complex training. With our mobile app SpeechDoc™, you can dictate your notes wherever and whenever you like.

Try Our Internal Medicine Transcription Services with EHR Integration

Develop Greater Efficiency

Once you’ve used SpeechDoc™ — our mobile app — to transcribe your voice notes into documentation, you can upload it into TrackDoc, our proprietary platform. From there, ZyDoc can use your newly transcribed notes to update your EHR automatically via an interface, which will help you protect your practice against malpractice suits and prepare you for medical audits.

Leverage Structured Data and Analytics Information to Improve Your Internal Medicine Practice

With the data gleaned anonymously from EHRs, it’s easier to gain insights you can leverage to make improvements. Leveraging our powerful structured data and analytics information, you can better manage cases, compare the efficacy of treatments, monitor for adverse events and even — through anonymous reporting — compare your results to those of your peers.

Discover the ZyDoc Difference

For more information on how ZyDoc can improve your workflow by reducing your data entry burden, view our plans and pricing or call us today at 1-800-546-5633 for a personalized demo of our internal medicine transcription services.

Offering No-Cost COVID-19 EHR Documentation Services

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