Nephrology Transcription Services

Why Do You Need Transcription Services for Nephrologists?

As a nephrologist, you’re responsible for kidney health and the treatment of kidney disease, which can be very serious and put life and well-being at great risk. You will also often be working with other medical professionals and sharing health information about patients. For these reasons, accurate health records are crucial.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems make generating, storing and sharing health information easier than ever before, but someone still needs to put all the notes about each individual patient into the system. Doing so by hand can be an extremely time-consuming process that takes the nephrologist away from patient care. Medical transcription services for nephrologists allow them to make sure the records are complete without the stress and lost time of trying to transcribe all their notes on their own.

Medical transcription services for nephrologists allow them to make sure the records are complete without the stress and lost time of trying to transcribe all their notes on their own.

We can provide nephrology transcription services for:

  • dialysis
  • hemodialysis
  • peritoneal dialysis
  • kidney biopsy
  • kidney transplant
  • hypertension treatment
  • mineral bone disorder treatment
  • kidney stone treatment
  • And more

What Transcription/Dictation Obstacles Do Nephrologists Face?

You can’t have just anyone transcribe medical reports for nephrologists. The process must be conducted in a way that doesn’t violate HIPAA protocols, and the transcriptions must be fast and accurate. Inaccurate reports can confuse fellow doctors and leave the nephrologist open to exposure in case of a malpractice claim or audit. Accurate, efficient, secure transcription is crucial.

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How Do Nephrology Transcription Services Work?

ZyDoc provides just the type of transcription services that nephrologists need. Our platform is fast, accurate and easy to use. In fact, it’s so effective that we were ranked the best among 2018’s list of Top Medical Transcription and Technology Services & Documentation Solutions according to Black Book Market Research.

The removal of all of your transcription hassles is moments away. Just sign up for the plan you need and download our mobile app, SpeechDoc™. It’s an intuitive app that requires no special knowledge, and you won’t need any special software installation to access your transcribed notes.

Once you have SpeechDoc™, just fill in the basic information about your patient and why you’re writing the note, then start recording from your phone or other digital device. When you’re done, submit the recording securely through the app for a HIPAA-compliant, fully accurate note courtesy of our highly trained transcription team. Our performance is over 99% accurate relative to standard speech recognition, so you can be confident in the results.

You’ll usually receive your notes in two hours or less and never in more than 24 hours. Simply download them from TrackDoc™, our secure cloud server, and they’ll be ready to go into electronic patient records.

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What Is the Benefit to You of Nephrology Report Transcription Services?

Any missing piece in your health records can create problems for both you and your patients. By using our services, you can help ensure that you’ll always have complete and accurate records without the loss of valuable hours of patient care time.

How Can Nephrology Record EHR Insertion Services Benefit You?

Our service makes it even easier to ensure that your records are complete. With the push of a button, our medical transcription services with EHR integration will put your notes seamlessly into patient records without you having to type a word.

How Can Structured Data and Analytics Services Help Nephrologists?

Nephrology is an evolving discipline, and the more data you can gather, the better. Our data and analytics services can help you learn more about your treatments and your practice so that you can better serve your patients and your healthcare services can thrive.

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