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The EHR is center-stage for nearly every medical entity and provides medical documentation for patient care, justification for billing and malpractice defense. Therefore, the more detailed and comprehensive the patient’s medical record, the better other physicians can serve the patient downstream in the healthcare system. Schedule a free demo to learn more about how ZyDoc’s mobile-friendly, dictation-based EHR Documentation Services can streamline EHR data entry tasks or sign up with one of our plans starting at 14 cents per line. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee so you can discover risk-free how ZyDoc will significantly reduce your EHR documentation burden.

Clinical data must be entered into digital records to make it easier to access, review and share with other health professionals. However, the data capture of clinical encounters is the EHR’s Achilles heel.


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    Populate Your EHR Anywhere, Anytime

    For medical practices ranging from private physicians’ offices to large healthcare organizations and hospitals, medical transcription services with EHR integration offer significant benefits. They:

    • Ensure all clinical data is accurately populated in the EHR software in a timely manner so that it’s ready for review by the treating physician as well as any other healthcare providers
    • Unburden physicians by facilitating dictation so that they don’t run the risk of burnout due to a heavy documentation load with keyboard and mouse
    • Enable physicians to see more patients and eliminate the need for doctors to complete EHR charts with typing on their own time
    • Minimize the need for medical practices to hire and manage scribes or other personnel to complete EHR related work. ZyDoc’s highly experienced medical specialty transcription staff produces extremely accurate text. Physicians only have to dictate and then see the information populated in the appropriate sections of their EHR, with 90% of the work completed within 2 hours

    ZyDoc Can Address All Common EHR Integration Challenges

    Healthcare professionals looking to effortlessly create robust EHR documentation often face technical and administrative challenges such as:

    • Return on investment (ROI): How much will the benefits of EHR integration for transcription outweigh its cost? You may consider this your top question as you look for software to aid medical transcription integration with your EHR. Clear pricing and benefits can help you understand a platform’s ROI.
    • Staff buy-in: Will your staff agree to implement your new software into their workflow? Your team’s satisfaction with an EHR integration will depend on the platform’s flexibility and its similarities with your current technology.
    • Usability: How much time and effort will it take to use software to improve transcription integration with your EHR? The benefits you’ll get from an EHR integration will depend on its ease of use. An easier-to-use software will help you enjoy its advantages much more effectively than a less intuitive option.
    • Ease of integration: Will adding a transcription integration complicate your EHR workflow? Some third-party integrations clutter an EHR’s interface, complicating the practice’s EHR use. An easy-to-integrate software should make the process feel effortless.
    • Security: Will transcription software comply with federal and state information security laws? HIPAA and state privacy laws require health technology to protect sensitive patient data. The ideal software will combine security compliance with ease of integration.

    ZyDoc Simplifies Manual EHR Data Entry Tasks

    Our software blends medical transcription with EHR while addressing the above issues through:

    • Services charged by the line: We make it easy to understand the value you get from every penny you’ll spend on our transcription services by charging per line (65 characters). Our pricing starts at 7 cents per line and scales with higher plan tiers that include value-added services. With our easy-to-understand pricing, you can make an informed decision about your transcription service choice.
    • Flexibility and scalability for your team: Your team members can integrate ZyDoc services into their workflow at a pace that works for them. We take on transcription services for any client that meets our monthly cost minimum and minimum job character count. This flexibility will enable you to adjust the transition to ZyDoc as needed to integrate it into your EHR successfully.
    • Ease of use: To transcribe a medical encounter with ZyDoc, dictate your notes using a compatible recording device, and our team will handle the rest of the steps. If you choose the Standard Plan service tier or higher, our API will automatically insert your notes into your EHR. Our clients can access their transcription documents from anywhere with a secure internet connection.
    • Seamless EHR insertion: With TrackDoc Connect™, our software will link to your EHR so you can insert notes into patient files automatically. It will populate the appropriate fields in your EHR interface to make integration simple. This automatic process will minimize our transcriptions’ interruption to your workflow.
    • HIPAA compliance: Our software and document platform uses HIPAA-compliant 128-bit encryption to keep your patient’s data safe in audio and text form. We perform all security measures on the infrastructure side, so you can access our technology using standard protocols.

    Avoid Burnout and Boost Your Productivity

    For physicians, entering clinical data into EHRs is a time-consuming task that cuts into the hours they could be spending with patients. In fact, the demands of keeping up with the requirements of EHRs is overburdening many health professionals to the point that they’re falling prey to burnout. They are desperately trying any solution other than keyboard and mouse and not doing well with scribes or speech recognition technology.

    ZyDoc’s Medical Transcription Services with EHR Integration are specifically developed to meet the demands of clinical documentation while simultaneously unburdening physicians by allowing them to simply dictate their clinical notes. Using ZyDoc’s mobile app, physicians can dictate their notes whenever and wherever they like. The voice recordings are instantly securely transmitted to ZyDoc’s TrackDoc cloud-based platform where the notes are transcribed and stored. From here, the clinical data can be inserted either manually by ZyDoc scribes or automatically using TrackDoc Connect™ into the EHRs, to populate the correct fields with the content-rich, transcribed text.

    ZyDoc’s EHR Documentation Services are specifically developed to meet the demands of creating clinical documentation in the EHR while simultaneously unburdening physicians by allowing them to simply dictate their clinical notes.

    Medical practices need Medical Transcription Services with EHR solutions integrated to help them meet the clinical documentation requirements for patient care. Without accurate, comprehensive clinical documentation, physicians run the risk of not reviewing critical data when treating patients and as a result, failing to determine the best course of treatment. They also need a method of EHR data entry that is easy to use, more efficient than keyboard and mouse and requires less cognitive effort and technology complexity of speech recognition. Doctors should not have to correct errors made by scribes or speech recognition software. The technology should be transparent and work for them.

    Discover The ZyDoc Difference

    At ZyDoc, we’ve been developing cutting-edge healthcare clinical documentation solutions for more than 25 years. Since our founder and CEO, James M. Maisel, MD, is a practicing retina surgeon, we have practical insights into the needs of high-volume working physicians. This knowledge makes us uniquely poised to provide EHR transcription services that are completely tailored to the everyday requirements of the healthcare sector. We offer:

    • Transparent pricing
    • Top industry-rated 24/7×365 customer support and care
    • Ease of implementation and use
    • Mobile solutions that offer anywhere, anytime access from any device and in any browser
    • Best-in-class quality assurance and the highest possible accuracy
    • Fast turnaround
    • U.S.-based, HIPAA-trained, background-checked staff
    • HIPAA compliance
    • Data encryption
    • Microsoft Azure HITRUST CSF certified, redundant Cloud Servers
    • Integration with hundreds of EHRs

    Are you ready to choose an easier, faster medical documentation method using dictation? For more information, call us at 1-800-546-5633. Or, if you’re ready to get started with ZyDoc, explore our plans and pricing.

    EHR Documentation Services by Specialty

    At ZyDoc, our goal is to ease the burden of clinical documentation and reduce physician burnout, regardless of whether you work in a practice, ASC or hospital. We offer medical transcription services that integrate with your EHR for all specialties including, but not limited to:

    For more information about the specialties we serve, please contact a ZyDoc representative about our medical transcription services.

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    Dictate Anytime, Anywhere

    Doctors can dictate anytime, and from anywhere by smartphone, digital recorder, tablet or telephone

    ZyDoc Transcription

    Our specialty-specific medical typists and editors transform dictations into highly accurate documentation

    EHR Insertion

    Transcribed documents can be automatically inserted into the appropriate sections of any EHR

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