Anesthesiology Transcription Services

Why Do Anesthesiologists Need Transcription Services?

Anesthesiology is one of the most lucrative and important medical specializations. Anesthesiologists are responsible for pain management and keeping patients safe and comfortable during surgical procedures. A large number of Americans will find themselves in need of either anesthesiology or pain management medications at some point in their lives, and the right anesthesiologist can make a huge difference.

The epidemic of abuse of pain medications in recent years has made keeping accurate documentation of where and when such medication is recommended or distributed more important than ever. In addition, due to the risks of anesthesiology during surgery, anesthesiologists have some of the greatest exposure when it comes to liability claims. It’s critical that all the major decisions anesthesiologists make be properly documented and, when appropriate, that that documentation appears in the patient’s Electronic Health Record (EHR).

We can provide anesthesiology transcription services for:

  • local anesthesia
  • regional anesthesia,
  • general anesthesia
  • spinal anesthesia
  • epidural anesthesia
  • And more

What Transcription/Dictation Obstacles Do Anesthesiologists Face?

Anesthesiologists may treat a great many patients in a given week and their discipline is so critical that each of these patients must have their full attention, in some cases for hours. Finding time to write up all the documentation required to maintain an accurate EHR for each patient can be extremely labor-intensive and time-consuming, causing undue stress to the anesthesiologist.

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How Do Transcription Services Work for Anesthesiologists?

Anesthesiologists need anesthesiology transcription services that are easy to use and 100% HIPAA secure and compliant. That’s why ZyDoc is the best way to transcribe medical reports for anesthesiologists.

You can start using ZyDoc anesthesiology report transcription services right away. There’s no software installation required, and it’s simple to use. If you have any questions, you’ll be happy to know that we’re ranked number one in support and customer service by health care practitioners among 2018 Top Medical Transcription and Technology Services & Documentation Solutions by Black Book Market Research.

The process is simple. Just choose your plan, sign up and download our mobile app, SpeechDoc™. You can simply dictate all your notes into the voice recorder on your chosen device, and SpeechDoc™ will send the recordings as a secure, HIPAA-compliant transmission to our anesthesiology medical transcriptionists. These individuals are highly paid professionals chosen for their ability to accurately and quickly transcribe notes.

Your transcribed notes will then be stored on TrackDoc™, our cloud-based platform, where you can retrieve them as documents that you can manually or automatically insert into patient Electronic Health Records.

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How Can Transcription Services Benefit Anesthesiologists?

The main benefit of medical transcription services for anesthesiologists is time. You’ll save a dramatic amount of time dictating your notes rather than writing them yourself, and we complete over 90% of our dictation jobs in two hours or less.

You can often expect to see an increase in productivity and even greater revenue per patient with the help of our services. Furthermore, the ability to create frequent and accurate documentation will increase your level of protection in the case of any legal issues that should arrive.

How Can Anesthesiologist Insertion Services Benefit Anesthesiologists?

Insertion transcription services for anesthesiologists mean more accurate and complete EHRs. With these services, it’ll be even easier to integrate your notes, saving you more time and helping to strengthen your malpractice/audit protection.

How Can Structured Data and Analytics Services Benefit Anesthesiologists?

Your transcription account also comes with our powerful structured data and analytics information, which can lead to improved outcomes, better case management and anonymous comparison of your results with peer results.

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How It Works

Dictate Anytime, Anywhere

Doctors can dictate anytime, and from anywhere by smartphone, digital recorder or telephone

ZyDoc Transcription

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EHR Charting

Transcribed documents can be inserted into the appropriate sections of any EHR manually or via an interface

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