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What Documentation Obstacles Do General Surgeons Face?

General surgeons are faced with some of the heaviest schedules and document management responsibilities in the healthcare community. Fortunately, medical transcription services for surgeons can help doctors avoid burnout while simultaneously maintaining accurate and up-to-date electronic health record — or EHR — charts of their patients.

On any given day, general surgeons are tasked with providing surgical procedures across practically the entire body — from liver transplants to the removal of gallstones to soft tissue procedures related to cancers. Combine that with the fact that the medical procedures surgeons employ are constantly evolving and that their schedules are busier than ever, and you can see how general surgery transcription services can play a key role in helping doctors meet their note-taking and document management needs while avoiding physician burnout.

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I have had nothing but positive experiences with the whole system right from the sales person down to our letters. The whole transition from our old dictation service to ZyDoc has been wonderful, and I would recommend them to anyone.

Kim Q. - Client since 2001, working at Medical Clinic with 15 employees

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We love ZyDoc! The simplicity of getting it started to the quick support we receive makes the functioning of our surgery center quick and easy. Our docs find it to be simple and quick!

Lorena Reynoso, CPC - Nobility Management

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Implementing a new dictation service can be daunting and extremely time-consuming. Vicki Day managed the transition for our company and it was seamless. She continues to be extremely responsive and update or fix anything we need even after office hours. I would highly recommend ZyDoc as this has been a great transition and our physicians are very happy.

Chrissy Becker, RN - Physicians United Surgery Center

Are General Surgery Transcription Services the Solution To Your Data Entry Burden?

While certain basic transcription solutions for surgeons might make sense, there may be unseen complications from using them that doctors should be aware of. Many have to do with accuracy and compliance which, in most instances, go hand-in-hand when it comes to running a successful medical practice.

Ever since the adoption of EHRs and the enactment of HIPAA, medical practices of all types and sizes must adhere to the regulations governing the appropriate document management of their patients or run the risk of falling afoul of HIPAA compliance and having to pay steep fines.

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Let ZyDoc’s Mobile-Friendly, HIPAA-Compliant General Surgery Transcription Services Benefit You

When you choose the award-winning general surgery transcription services from ZyDoc, you get a 100% HIPAA-compliant, accurate and cost-effective method of meeting your transcription needs. Developed by our founder and CEO, James Maisel, M.D. —  a practicing retina surgeon — ZyDoc’s general surgery transcription services are highly secure and optimized to function seamlessly with any surgeons’ workflow.

We’re also proud to be ranked #1 in support and customer service by medical practitioners in the 2018 Top Medical Transcription and Technology Services & Documentation Solutions. This ranking is according to Black Book Market Research — a recognized source of unbiased customer responses.

How Our Award-Winning General Surgery Transcription Services Work

General surgery report transcription services from ZyDoc offer you the choice of using whatever device makes the most sense for your working style — whether that’s a smartphone, a tablet, a digital voice recorder or even a telephone. Our specialty-specific, U.S.-based medical transcriptionists are HIPAA trained, work under the strictest quality control measures and have comprehensive knowledge of surgical procedures and related documentation requirements — from physical exams and operating room reports to progress notes and discharge summaries.

Try Our General Surgery Transcription Services with EHR Integration

Develop Greater Efficiency

The accurate and timely transcription of your voice recordings is only part of the ZyDoc advantage. With our proprietary mobile app - SpeechDoc™ - your voice recordings can be transformed into highly accurate documents that are then securely stored in our cloud-based TrackDoc platform. From there, you can have them automatically inserted into your patients’ EHR charts — where they can seamlessly populate all necessary fields.

Leverage Structured Data and Analytics Information

At ZyDoc, we also offer structured data and analytics information that will enable you to better manage cases, conduct adverse event monitoring, perform comparative effectiveness outcomes and anonymously compare results to those of your peers.

Improve Your Medical Practice

To learn more about our how our general surgery transcription services can dramatically increase both your productivity and job satisfaction, view our plans and pricing or call us today at 1-800-546-5633 for your own personalized demo.

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