Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC)

ZyDoc Knows ASCs – We Help Maximize Efficiency to Drive Revenue and Compliance

Imagine your ASC surgeons uploading their EHR admitting notes directly to ZyDoc or using ZyDoc to automatically route them to your authorized staff within hours.  With the preoperative admitting note available, your staff can enough have time to verify that the indications for surgery are sufficiently documented and then determine whether a scheduled case is covered by the patient’s insurance carrier and approved for performance in the ASC setting.  They can place comments for the surgeon to address within the transcription.  As a result, you have proactively prevented a major source of revenue leakage.

The admitting notes may also be sent to the doctor performing medical clearance who also uses ZyDoc to dictate the medical clearance note. Because of authorizations and roles, this clearance note is available to the clearing doctor, your ASC staff and the operating surgeon for acknowledgement.  This will increase efficiency and lessen the chance of a cancelled case due to lack of clearance eliminating empty time in the operating schedule.

ZyDoc provides an idealized experience for ASC compliance and clinical documentation to maximize efficiency, improve workflow, generate timely and accurate op reports that support the maximum allowable billing, with decreased audit and malpractice risk.

The surgeon can also dictate surgical consent forms and pre-op orders.  With complete electronically signed documents in hand, the ASC staff can then generate the chart pack containing the nursing work lists, consent forms, pre-op orders, the physician op note template, and the surgeons preference card specific to that procedure or physician. 

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I love it! I am focused on getting the notes done, even when I am exhausted I have enough in me to get them done knowing your staff is doing the back end work.

Danielle Dronet, LISW-S - Center for Advanced Mental Health Practice (using ZyDoc's mobile app & Practice Fusion EHR)

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The doctors like the mobile app and they find it easy to use!

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This organization raised my level of confidence which opened a door of opportunity to implement a major internal reorganization to outsource the internal transcription staff from the medical/surgical units and clinics.

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We recommend ZyDoc to provide not only reliable service, but reliable technology for efficient workflow of patient documentation.

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I have had nothing but positive experiences with the whole system right from the sales person down to our letters. The whole transition from our old dictation service to ZyDoc has been wonderful, and I would recommend them to anyone.

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I can’t say thank you enough. ZyDoc has made my life so much easier!

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Generate Comprehensive Timely Signed Operative Reports with an ASC Transcription Service

Following surgery, the physician can use the preop note template and still have the efficiency and flexibility to dictate a custom op report using the template including any variations.  Dictation is preferable done immediately after surgery with dictation via telephone, digital recorders or the ZyDoc smartphone app with schedule integration. Doctors can have any number of templates that take advantage of structured, procedural documentation items confirming the physical location of the procedure along with a uniform format and standardized language that ensures all required information is included or it contains prompts for the physicians to include the level of detail necessary to paint a more complete picture of each patient with dictation. With turnaround time as quickly as a few hours, document improvement, quality assurance and coding specialists can provide alerts for the surgeon when certain required information has been left out or needs clarification prior to his review and within 24 hours. ZyDoc’s TrackDoc cloud based platform makes it convenient for physicians  and staff to review these documents on their smartphone or tablet, meeting physician administrators and staff expectations for technology at their fingertips.

TrackDoc Centralizes all Clinical Documentation for your ASC Transcription Service

Leveraging ZyDoc’s TrackDoc Cloud Based Platform, the surgeon then has the ability to access the transcribed op report any time, anywhere with any internet browser, to review, finalize and sign off on the report that has captured all the comorbidities and the necessary details of the operation.

Whether inhouse or outsourced, coders instantly have access through TrackDoc to these signed reports and can justify reimbursement for complicated procedures with documentation more than sufficient for billing insurance companies. Since services at ASCs often are reimbursed at lower rates than those at an in-patient hospital setting, ASCs need to do a better job convincing payers they, too, take care of sick people in order to compete for insurer. This requires the most accurate, complete and timely documentation to provide the most accurate reimbursement.  As we move to value-based medicine, you can anticipate that physicians and ASCs with better documentation will receive more timely reimbursement and ultimately, better quality scores. ASCs with a reputation for smooth workflow will amass happier and more productive surgeons and retain them.

How Our Award-Winning Ambulatory Surgery Center Transcription Services Work

Our ASC transcription services were developed by our CEO and founder James Maisel, M.D. — a practicing retina surgeon with a deep understanding of the time constraints today’s doctors’ face. As a result, these services are designed to seamlessly match your working style while offering you the following benefits:

  • A cloud-based platform hosted in multiple Microsoft Azure Centers for easy access and enhanced security
  • No software installation or lengthy training
  • Quick turnaround times of two hours or less on 90% of jobs
  • A high level of accuracy — it’s 38% more accurate than speech recognition software and 100% HIPAA-compliant
  • Transparent pricing with four service levels to choose from
  • Increased revenue because more patients can be treated with fewer reimbursement challenges
  • Improved job satisfaction for doctors relieved of manual data entry
  • Heightened patient care as doctors focus on patient interactions instead of typing notes

Try Our Surgery Center Transcription Services with EHR Integration

Develop Greater Efficiency

Our convenient and accurate EHR charting services greatly reduces the amount of time you need to update your records. After your dictations have been turned into highly accurate notes, these documents can be automatically inserted into your EHR via a compatible interface— which will help you better treat your patients, protect you against malpractice lawsuits and prepare you for any medical audits. Of course, ZyDoc also provides Virtual Medical EHR Scribe Services for cloud-based EHR users who cannot do an interface.

Leverage Structured Data and Analytics Information to Improve Your Surgery Center’s Level of Care

The role of big data in informing medical decisions is growing. That’s why we also offer structured data and analytics services that can assist with case management, chronic disease management, CMS measures, high-risk medication usage, implant tracking, prevention and screening, and much more.

Discover the ZyDoc Difference

For more information on how ZyDoc can improve your physicians’ workflow by reducing their data entry burden, view our plans and pricing or call us today at 1-800-546-5633 for your own personalized demo of our surgery center transcription services.

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