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What Documentation Obstacles Do Radiologists Face?

Just like in other medical fields, the ongoing digitization of healthcare documentation has brought the adoption of electronic health records — or EHRs — to radiology. While this change undoubtedly makes the maintenance, storing and sharing of patients’ medical records less burdensome, it adds significantly to radiologists’ workload, as they’re required to constantly keep pace with an ongoing flow of data entry. If they don’t, they could be at risk of reimbursement challenges, medical audits and even malpractice lawsuits.

On top of that, with the rise of EHRs, radiologists have to comply with HIPAA regulations. Failure to do so could mean incurring significant penalties.

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Carmen D. - State mental health facility

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Are Radiology Transcription Services the Solution To Your Data Entry Burden?

There are two main challenges for radiologists when it comes to maintaining current, comprehensive and accurate EHRs.

One, it’s labor-intensive and time-consuming to perform data entry immediately after seeing a patient — or even on the same day — which limits the number of patients a radiologist can see. Additionally, many radiologists often have to perform long hours of overwork to finish their transcriptions, which causes fatigue and stress — and can even lead to burnout.

Furthermore, recruiting a new hire to perform radiology transcription services on-site ultimately adds to a practice’s operating costs due to the additional payroll, equipment and office space expenses. Especially for small to mid-sized practices, these added costs can make the acquisition of a new staff member unfeasible.

Let ZyDoc’s Mobile-Friendly, HIPAA-Compliant Radiology Transcription Services Benefit You

With the growing data entry burden relating to EHR charting, more and more radiologists are outsourcing their notes to medical transcription services. Doing so is a prudent decision, as it reduces workload and allows radiologists to focus on their core work — treating patients.

Not all transcription services for radiologists are created equal, however, which is why it’s important to choose an award-winning, top-rated company like ZyDoc. Medical professionals rated us number one in customer service and support in the 2018 Top Medical Transcription and Technology Services & Documentation Solution Survey, which was conducted by Black Book Market Research – an unbiased source.

With ZyDoc, you’ll receive award-winning, HIPAA-compliant radiology report transcription services that you can count on to be accurate, fast and secure. Thanks to our proprietary, cloud-based document management platform TrackDoc™, you can use whatever device works best for you — smartphone, tablet, handheld recorder or phone — to record your voice notes. Moreover, we employ only highly qualified, U.S.-based transcriptionists — plus, we conduct strict quality control measures, so you’ll never have to call the accuracy of your transcripts into question.

How Our Award-Winning Radiology Transcription Services Work

If you’re serious about having more free hours in your day, you’ll be happy to know that our radiology transcription services offer the following benefits:

  • Reduced data entry
  • Lower stress levels, reduced risk of burnout and increased job satisfaction
  • Significantly more time to see — and treat — patients
  • Improved concentration levels, which allows you to provide higher quality care
  • Increased revenue

For radiologists, working with ZyDoc couldn’t be simpler. Our TrackDoc™ document management platform requires no software installation or complex training at all. Also, with our easy-to-use mobile app SpeechDoc™, you can dictate your notes wherever and whenever you like.

Try Our Radiology Transcription Services with EHR Integration

Develop Greater Practice Efficiency

Our convenient and accurate EHR charting services greatly reduces the amount of time you need to update your records. After your dictations have been turned into highly accurate notes, these documents can be automatically inserted into your EHR via a compatible interface— which will help you better treat your patients, protect you against malpractice lawsuits and prepare you for any medical audits. Of course, ZyDoc also provides Virtual Medical EHR Scribe Services for cloud-based EHR users who cannot do an interface

Leverage Structured Data and Analytics Information to Improve Your Radiology Practice

Do you want to leverage real-world data to improve the level of healthcare you offer your patients? If so, our powerful structured data and analytics information is the answer. It'll enable you to improve case management and better compare how effective treatments are, monitoring for adverse events. Last but not least, you can utilize anonymous reporting to see how your outcomes measure up against those of other radiologists.

Discover the ZyDoc Difference

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