Oncology Transcription Services

Oncology Transcription Services

The field of hematology-oncology is constantly experiencing many promising healthcare breakthroughs. However, since almost every patient a hematologist/oncologist sees is a referral who will return to the care of a general practitioner after treatment, the amount of documentation management these specialists face on any given day can be very overwhelming. In a growing number of cases, it’s leading to job-related stress, burnout and problems with reimbursements.

Hematology/oncology report transcription services need to be dependable, accurate and, above all, HIPAA-compliant.

Transcription services for hematologists-oncologists can help free doctors up from the labor-intensive tasks associated with maintaining and updating their patients’ electronic health records — or EHRs. Nevertheless, choosing the right service is the key. Hematology/oncology report transcription services need to be dependable, accurate and, above all, HIPAA-compliant.

We can provide hematology-oncology transcription services for:

  • chemotherapy
  • cancer treatment
  • experimental treatments
  • ablation therapy
  • biological therapy
  • blood transfusions
  • blood and bone marrow donations
  • transplants
  • And more

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Are Hematology-Oncology Transcription Services the Solution To Your Documentation Burden?

The American College of Medical Scribe Specialists estimates that there were 20,000 medical transcriptionists working nationwide in 2014. That number is expected to grow five-fold to more than 100,000 by 2020, but hiring your own on-site scribe for hematology-oncology transcription services can be an expensive endeavor that doesn’t produce the accuracy or cost savings you envision.

Since proper documentation is the cornerstone of any specialist’s medical practice, choosing between medical transcription services companies for hematologists-oncologists can be an obstacle. Make the right decision, and you minimize your exposure to malpractice risks while simultaneously preparing for any possible auditing of your medical records. Make the wrong decision, and you could put the reputation and financial security of your practice at risk.

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Let ZyDoc’s Mobile-Friendly, HIPAA-Compliant Hematology-Oncology Transcription Services Benefit You

At ZyDoc, our hematology-oncology transcription services are designed by a physician just like you. Our CEO and founder — James Maisel, M.D. — is a licensed retina surgeon who understands the time constraints and demands working physicians face every day in their practices. That’s why our award-winning ZyDoc platform is 100% HIPAA-compliant and fully supported by our highly trained, U.S.-based transcriptionists.

Hematologists-oncologists using our medical transcription services can be confident in the accuracy of their transcribed notes while never having to deal with any complicated software installations or training. Plus, with transparent pricing, data encryption and top-ranked 24/7 support, you’ll get the high-quality hematology-oncology transcription services you need without having to hire more on-site personnel.

How Our Award-Winning Hematology-Oncology Transcription Services Work

In their daily work, hematologists-oncologists are responsible for completing a host of reports. ZyDoc’s transcription services can significantly lighten the load they face. And along with the freedom to use smartphones, tablets, digital voice recorders or telephones to securely transmit findings, using ZyDoc offers several key benefits:

  • Increased productivity: See more patients with a vastly reduced documentation workload.
  • Improved quality of care: By focusing entirely on your patients instead of typing at a computer, you can interact better with your patients — leading to a higher quality of care.
  • Heightened job satisfaction: Avoid physician burnout by freeing yourself from the constant backlog of data entry.

Try Our Hematology-Oncology Transcription Services with EHR Integration

Develop Greater Efficiency

Your dictations will be converted into accurate documentation by our proprietary methods, including our mobile app SpeechDoc™, after which your completed documents will be stored securely in our cloud-based TrackDoc™ platform. From there, new information is inserted into patients’ EHR charts automatically through the interface that works best for your practice. As a result, you can save substantial time while your patients’ EHR charts update automatically.

Experience the ZyDoc Difference

Are you a hematology-oncology specialist who is ready to dramatically increase your productivity and job satisfaction? If so, view our plans and pricing or call us today at 1-800-546-5633 for your own personalized demo of our hematology-oncology transcription services.

Offering No-Cost COVID-19 EHR Documentation Services

How It Works

Dictate Anytime, Anywhere

Doctors can dictate anytime, and from anywhere by smartphone, digital recorder, tablet or telephone

ZyDoc Transcription

Our specialty-specific medical typists and editors transform dictations into highly accurate documentation

EHR Charting

Transcribed documents can be inserted into the appropriate sections of any EHR

Leverage Structured Data and Analytics Information to Improve Your Hematology-Oncology Practice

In addition to our medical transcription services, we offer structured data and analytics information that can help support and inform your decisions. With a data repository capable of handling big data, our real-world data can be used for:

  • Prevention and screening
  • CMS measures
  • Case management
  • Chronic disease management
  • High-risk medication usage
  • Serious adverse event identification
  • And much more

Need more information? Compare our plans and pricing or call our friendly U.S. customer service specialists at 1-800-546-5633.

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