ZyDoc Operations Command Central

The ZyDoc Data Center Difference

The Highest Level of Commitment
Every Interaction you have with the ZyDoc Data Center will be handled professionally. You will find that our people are the most committed in the industry. That is not just because we have over a decade of health care experience, but because we only employ passionate people. You will always deal with someone who cares about your business.

Secure role-based access to clinical documentationHIPAA Compliance and risk avoidance
Together, we face an important responsibility to protect patient privacy in accordance with HIPAA. One way that ZyDoc adheres to that law every day is with the operational excellence of the ZyDoc Data Center. Our CEO is an industry recognized expert in HIPAA and Security Issues. Contact us for information.

The Best Network
Protected by multiple fail-safes and redundancies and powered by terabytes of capacity in a virtualized environment, we deliver the most secure, reliable and robust network in the industry. Utilizing a global network infrastructure and proprietary routing technology, ZyDoc bypasses internet bottlenecks and delivers your transcribed jobs back over the fastest possible route.

The Best Support
ZyDoc delivers the best support in the industry. Our people focus on earning your trust and confidence every day. We strive to anticipate your needs and invest ourselves in the success of your business. We ensure adherence to support excellence through daily evaluations of client interactions and problem resolutions. We work quickly as a team through our customer database and our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This enables us to quickly identify and address any issues or special requests and route them to the best possible person immediately with tracking.

Extensive Medical Records experience
With millions of transcription jobs under our belt, ZyDoc has expertise in transcription and medical records management across the spectrum of specialties and health care entities. We have the knowledge. We can fit and adjust our award-winning transcription platform seamlessly into your existing HIM or EMR environment or provide TrackDoc™ if you do not have a system currently. We support service solutions and deliver transcription services to some of the largest health care entities in the world. Our experienced and certified professionals are committed to providing outstanding support 24 hours a day.

The Best Hardware
We do not take chances. We use the best and most reliable equipment in the industry. Our systems are constantly monitored to ensure peak performance and maximum uptime.

Operational Empathy

At ZyDoc it is how we do business
Our people focus on applying their diverse range of knowledge and skills to earn trust and confidence. Leveraging years of proven experience, we strive to anticipate the needs of our clients and provide exceptional customer service. We develop a deep understanding of our clients' transcription objectives and take a personal interest in helping them achieve their goals.

We began with a vision to create a transcription company that would treat its clients as we would like to be treated. From being one of the first companies to eliminate cassette tapes and "drive-by" delivery of paper reports to monitoring client interactions and problem resolutions on a daily basis, we stay true to our mission of ensuring the highest standard of client satisfaction in the industry.

Managed Security Services
We are dead serious about HIPAA compliance in both the letter and the spirit of the law. Whether it be from industrial rivals, hacktivists, hackers or criminals, your medical records are at risk. Smart, increasingly well organized and resourced, they are constantly developing new scams, viruses, attacks and exploits. Protecting your records from these myriad risks is our business.

We employ a strategy of Defense in Depth to protect our network infrastructure and your data. A malicious attacker does not just have to penetrate a single "thin red line," but multiple layers of independent security systems. Attacks are identified, weakened and destroyed.

We focus on three key categories when implementing security solutions in the ZyDoc Data Center:

While they are the greatest asset to any organization, people also present the most significant and least predictable security threat. You can rely on our staff. We require a high level of experience and certification from our employees, and we provide continuing education and training in all aspects of transcription job flow, security, and testing.

We deploy multiple layers of network security. The Perimeter Defense layer features firewalling and distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection designed to disperse DDoS attacks without affecting your operations. Network Integrity and Content Filtering Layers detect and eliminate intruders as well as viruses, spyware and malware. The Host Security Layer begins with secure initial configurations and strong passwords, and it includes patch management, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and antivirus protection. The Data Protection Layer includes data encryption and data backup. The site secures your Protected Health Information (PHI) information using a VeriSign SSL Certificate. Information exchanged with any address beginning with https is encrypted using SSL before transmission, the same encryption standard used for online banking. has been verified as the owner or operator of the Web site located at Official VeriSign records confirm as a valid business.

Operational Security is not a product; it is better described as a culture. ZyDoc believes in and fosters this culture throughout all levels of our organization.

Operations are the actions associated with policies and procedures. ZyDoc's facility and network requirement policies far exceed industry standards. Our fully redundant network and data center infrastructure allows for a peace of mind, even under extreme circumstances.

ZyDoc employs strong access control measures in all operations. Some of these include: security entry cards, biometric hand scanners, thin clients, two-factor authentication, encryption of PHI-sensitive data transmissions and major credit card verification for new clients to confirm identity.

Solutions For Transcription Clients
We are experts in multiple operating systems and database architectures. We support custom-built applications for clients who in turn deliver services to some of the largest hospital, group and private practice entities in the world. We serve specialties in nearly every state and reliably deliver thousands upon thousands of jobs every month.

Dedicated Management Team
Managing mission-critical business applications starts with comprehensive planning. Each client works with a dedicated team consisting of an account manager, implementation engineer(s), and Operations associate (s) and editors, typists and quality assurance staff. The goal of this team to understand your applications as well as you do. They will not only work with you on the implementation of your solution but will suggest ways to optimize performance and ensure its security. Throughout the entire process you have direct access to a team with a deep understanding of your application and your transcription objectives.

Comprehensive Implementation Services
ZyDoc has the expertise to fully manage your transcription environment from the audio management to the medical templates to streamline your work to disaster recovery. When you take advantage of our transcription services you gain access to all our offerings and updates for a fixed line cost. Our professionals work with you to craft a custom solution that best meets your business requirements. With ZyDoc's TrackDoc, when you require a record it is available on demand and backed up by your own dedicated team of experienced professionals.

Job Management Services
Nearly every transcription company now claims to offer transcription Job Management Services, but what does “transcription made easy” mean? Job management is not just about years of experience, a history of operational excellence including hundreds of thousands of records processed, dedicated typists, or dedicated Operations personnel. It is about predictable costs, reliable results, yield management, and a comprehensive suite of services and the ability to extend your transcription resources on demand. That is how

ZyDoc defines Transcription Made Easy.

Both our Premium and Basic services offer:

  • Flexible audio and document storage with retention for as long as you are a customer.
  • Unlimited logins and download of jobs via TrackDoc.
  • 99% Guaranteed Network Uptime and Performance
  • All Jobs: CD fedexing backing you up in the event your local computer fails
  • 24/7/365 Immediate Live Customer Service
  • Experienced Support Staff
  • Template Services
  • System Monitoring procedures
  • The Best Audio management technology via our MFT application
  • The high availability ZyDoc Data Center network with gigabit capacity from
  • Multiple Tier 1 Providers
  • Full, geographically diverse disaster recovery
  • The latest in cutting-edge recorders – released early following manufacturer availability
  • Proprietary TrackDoc, MFT & TeleSapien Systems & Technologies

The predictability we offer does not stop with reliable job delivery and 99% guaranteed network uptime. It extends to our pricing as well. With our clear and easy to understand line count methodology you pay for what you use. There are no hidden line count “tricks.”

Our Premium Transcription service is our most comprehensive offering, including the safety and support of:

  • Dedicated Account Manager(s)
  • Our e-Signature, Online Editor 2.0, ZyFax 2.1, ZyMail, TrackDoc, TelDoc and ZyDoc MFT solution systems and technologies

Our Transcription Staff Extends Your Own Staff
Today many health care providers struggle to meet the increasing demands of expanding medical records needs, doctor satisfaction, HIPAA compliance obligations, business continuity planning & meeting uptime requirements. Failure to execute due to a lack of internal resources can put your business at risk. ZyDoc can ease this burden by becoming an extension of your Medical Records staff. Our expert, highly trained staff is available 24/7/365 to respond to any situation, whether routine or mission critical.

Business Continuity
Every organization should have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP), whether mandated by regulatory compliance or the assurance that your business will continue in the event of a disaster. A properly implemented BCP is your first line of defense.

ZyDoc offers comprehensive Business Continuity Services to help ensure your BCP is supported at every level of your enterprise. You can depend on our proven strategies and industry leading technologies to reduce your vulnerability. Scalable to your needs and applicable to a wide range of scenarios, our Business Continuity Solutions address potentially catastrophic problems - such as power outages, disastrous conditions and environmental hazards ? that could cause a loss of service. The ZyDoc Data Center protects you from each of these scenarios.

The ZyDoc Data Center features a world class infrastructure and superior network connectivity with fully redundant, globally load balanced hardware capabilities. Our High Availability Solutions ensure continuous operation of your website, applications and infrastructure. This eliminates the need for building a redundant environment in-house, preserving your assets and saving money so you can focus on patient care. ZyDoc understands that Business Continuity is a process, not a project. We take our responsibility to protect your records seriously. Our Business Continuity Solutions provide you with a team of experienced professionals dedicated to your solution. Relying on our expertise and knowledge, you gain the value of a partner you can trust. This allows your IT and network staff more time to support your employees, and focus on achieving your strategic objectives.

ZyDoc offers you the confidence that problems, foreseen or unforeseen, will not result in lost revenue or a missing records.

The ZyDoc Data Center Business offers you the following benefits:

  • Swift recovery of data and applications in the event of a disaster
  • Physically secure, SAS-70 type II certified, HIPAA, SarbOx & Safe Harbor compliance
  • An infrastructure optimized for Disaster Recovery with strategic national placement of data center capabilities and staff
  • Yearly continuity audits that include failover, fallback testing and "only from backup" restoration
  • Capacity planning; as servers in the ZyDoc server farm reach 60% capacity, they are scheduled for upgrade and upgrades are completed before the 85% capacity ?critical threshold?
  • SMP processing. ZyDoc may be the only national transcription provider using the highest available processing power to return transcription jobs
  • Solutions that take you from initial planning through the prevention and recovery stages of your Business Continuity Plan

Network Infrastructure
All ZyDoc facilities follow well defined security policies. These policies are regularly audited and modified in order to maintain the highest standards.

Physical Security
Security personnel protect the ZyDoc Data Center 24/7. Badge/photo ID access screening and biometric access screening are used for an added level of security. We require all visitors to pass through multi-layered security zones and be escorted at all times. Motion sensors and security breach alarms protect sensitive security areas. Security personnel continuously monitor video cameras installed throughout the centers, and conduct regular foot patrols.

Network Security
All our systems are designed to maintain a Quality of Service by prioritizing packets to maintain an order of precedence. We offer intelligent, multilayer access control to protect the network from the impact of attacks while reducing the risk of inadvertently discarding legitimate traffic.

Backup Power
ZyDoc furnishes dual power availability to each rack unit from independent from independent power distribution units (PDUs), removing PDU loss as a single point of failure. To ensure stable connectivity, we provide a redundant Need+1 (N+1) design of uninterruptible power supplies using two separate power feeds from separate power grids. Five redundant standby generators are equipped with 72 hours of diesel fuel onsite, and two contractors are on call to refuel the storage tanks. The ZyDoc Data Center passed a real-life test during the August 2003 power outage in the Northeast U.S. No downtime occurred as a result of loss of a regional power grid.

Disaster Control
Our world class ZyDoc Data Center features seismically braced racks and are designed to withstand disastrous conditions, ensuring that your systems and equipment continue to run even under extreme conditions.

Environment Controls
ZyDoc utilizes a Need+1 (N+1) system of cooling towers, water pumps and chillers to maintain a controlled environment. Conditions are kept at a uniform 72 degrees with 50% relative humidity. Multiple air handling units provide another level of redundancy to further ensure consistently sound environmental conditions.

Fire Protection
Fire detection and suppression systems ensure 24/7 protection of your critical systems. Dual fire detection systems and VESDA? fire alarm systems are in constant operation. A multi-zone pre-action dry pipe system allows any necessary suppression to be contained within the affected area. Conditions elsewhere will not be disrupted.

Superior Network
ZyDoc delivers the best network performance in the industry. We have invested in the best available infrastructure and utilize bandwidth from all the Tier 1 backbone providers. No other transcription company can make this claim.

ZyDoc's Network is powered by OC48-192 backbones. We purchase transit from multiple Tier 1 backbone providers, including AT&T, Level 3, Qwest, Sprint and UUNET. This means we have multi-gigabytes of high quality provisioned data capacity with virtually unlimited scalability. ZyDoc's network does not utilize bandwidth from any discount providers.

ZyDoc builds in 100% availability through multiple redundant network connections and redundant router and switch configurations.

Faster, More Intelligent Routing
We continuously monitor network performance to Internet destinations and automatically route your users to the fastest available connection. This ensures maximum connection speed and virtually no down time. As a result, your doctors don't get frustrated and your patient day isn't tarnished by an underperforming solution. Most transcription large companies utilize BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) for advanced routing, but the standard implementation of BGP doesn't take performance into account when routing traffic. ZyDoc utilizes dynamically controlled BGP to provide intelligent, fail-safe routing that assures uptime and delivers superior performance.

Compliance Solutions
ZyDoc offers scalable solutions that enable your business to manage regulatory compliance.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
Together, we face an important responsibility to protect patient privacy in accordance with HIPAA. There are enormous challenges today with regards to medical records management, preparation, review/approval and distribution. ZyDoc can help you with our robust, security-rich solutions designed to add enterprise-wide usability and industry leading integrity.

As one of the first transcription companies to achieve a true enterprise class data center, ZyDoc can provide the highly secure solutions that hospitals, surgery centers, groups and solo practitioners require. And ZyDoc's position as a high-volume innovator in medical records creation, review and distribution allows us to spread these investments in high quality solutions across our national customer base without the need for capital investments to start up with ZyDoc.

3D illustration of person with data cube and key

TrackDoc Connect Built-in Security

TrackDoc Connect is a HIPAA-secure cloud transcription platform and service with a plethora of new features, enhanced security, and numerous upgrades over ZyDoc’s award-winning original TrackDoc platform. Read the full press release about TrackDoc Connect.

According to ZyDoc CIO Matt Bouchard, “Digital healthcare information transmission and storage require an agile, hyper-vigilant approach to security. TrackDoc Connect is a next generation platform that does not use vulnerable FTP servers and prevents contractors from exporting audios, PHI metadata and transcribed documents out of our secure platform. PHI is accessed via web-browser over the internet using the highest available internet security protocol with https. All work is performed on our encrypted cloud servers. There is no software to install or corrupt, and no permissions required to use FTP servers or move audio or documents during the workflow steps performed by ZyDoc typists and editors.”

Secure medical transcription

TrackDoc Connect’s updated security features employ stringent safeguards to protect clients’ data, with no “off-site” storage of patient health information (“PHI”) outside of the ZyDoc platform. TrackDoc Connect uses Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), the secure version of HTTP, the protocol over which data is sent between the browser and the connected website, meaning all communications between the browser and the website are encrypted. From the original dictation recordings to the completed transcribed documents, all TrackDoc Connect processes are performed on protected servers within the ZyDoc data center, which is independently certified to meet SOC I Type II requirements through 2016, and SOC II Type II requirements in 2017. The documents themselves in every phase of their life cycle are stored in encrypted fashion in the database in the data center. The cloud platform requires no software installation, facilitates fast implementation and elimination of IT burdens, allows for tighter security and user tracking, accuracy measurement tools, and flexible workflow optimization to allow faster turnaround times.

Contact us to learn more.