Pitfalls of Copying and Pasting into an EHR

Feb 02, 2017 | zydoc

Copy/pasting is used by many practices to save time, but it is not a “Do-It-Yourself” type of task… unless you have the time to check the work carefully.

  • Doctors don’t.
  • Probably no one in your practice has the time nor focus to do it right, all day every day!

opy/pasting is not actually a time-saver.

And, it has other pitfalls

At ZyDoc, we type, check, and double check all day long, every day. It’s our business, and we do it very well.

              • ZyDoc transcriptionists and medical language specialists are fast, efficient, accurate medical documentation experts.
              • ZyDoc enables population of your EHR with narrative free text plus the structured data required for billing and reporting requirements, in a fraction of the time compared to typing, pointing and clicking, and copy-pasting.

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