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This Holiday Season…

The holiday can be stressful for employers as there are large volumes of work and staff are away on vacation. On top of this, not having enough staff at hand would mean losing out productivity and risking a high turnover due to rising workplace stress. Fortunately, we are here to help. 


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Work Smarter Not Harder with ZyDoc

Don’t go into the holidays short staffed. It can leave your existing workers struggling to keep up with everyday demands. Gift your staff ZyDoc and they will thank you for it.

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NO Training Required
Browser access to all jobs
High Customer Satisfaction
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No matter how well you plan for the holidays, you can still find yourself desperately understaffed.

If your business has an understaffing issue, you may be thinking that the simple fix to this problem is to just assign more work to the employees that you already have. However, increasing the workload on your current employees is likely to result in burnout and turnover. This is especially true if overtime hours or pay are not offered to cope with the additional responsibilities.

This will result in:

  • A decrease in patient care and satisfaction
  • Reduced work quality
  • Loss of revenue
  • Employee burnout
  • Poor reviews





We want you to work smarter not harder this holiday season.

A fourth method of EHR clinical documentation pioneered by ZyDoc was proven to be 61% more efficient than keyboard and mouse in a landmark NIH sponsored Columbia EHR Usability Study. ZyDoc solves the EHR usability puzzle with an easy-to-use and highly efficient method that accurately generates detailed medical documentation. This improves clinical outcomes, enhances referrals, optimizes charge capture, and minimizes malpractice risks. It is intuitive to use, requires virtually no training and saves physicians hours of work dealing with the EHR burden.

Burnout is more than a minor inconvenience — it can lead to crucial errors and cause harm. Healthcare workers owe it to their patients — and especially to themselves — to ensure their jobs are stress-free. That’s why ZyDoc offers cutting-edge technology to help you ease the burden of medical documentation. Our services are designed by our CEO — a medical doctor who understands the dangers of burnout — and are 100% HIPAA-compliant. 

ZyDoc has been a simple solution for other physicians around the country. 

Benefits of outsourced medical transcription services:

  • More cost effective
  • No need to purchase or maintain equipment 
  • Provides access to trained personnel 
  • Provides a dedicated service 
  • Makes it easy to keep up with demand 
  • Easy to get started
  • HIPAA complaint 
  • Minimizes the risk of burnout


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    “ZyDoc is not only an easy program to access and utilize, but their customer service and web connectivity also make it a very seamless process when trying to reconcile, resolve and troubleshoot issues.”

    Lawrence Estrada - Pueblo Cardiology Associates


    “I have never dealt with an easier transcription service. Rapid turnaround time for dictations and an easy to contact customer service.”

    Jennifer Biddle - Advanced Physician Services, PC

    Surgery Center

    “Implementing a new dictation service can be daunting and extremely time-consuming. Vicki Day managed the transition for our company and it was seamless. She continues to be extremely responsive and update or fix anything we need even after office hours. I would highly recommend ZyDoc as this has been a great transition and our physicians are very happy.”

    Chrissy Becker, RN - Physicians United Surgery Center

    Surgery Center

    We love ZyDoc! The simplicity of getting it started to the quick support we receive makes the functioning of our surgery center quick and easy. Our docs find it to be simple and quick!”

    Lorena Reynoso, CPC - Nobility Management

    Oral Surgery

    “Our practice has used ZyDoc Medical Transcription Service for approximately 9 years. The transcribed reports are always accurate and done timely. The service is both cost and time efficient. And very user friendly! We highly recommend their services.”



    “Our office has used ZyDoc for many years for our transcription needs. They provide us with fast and efficient service. They are a real "time" saver which allows us to focus more time with our patients. We look forward to continuing with their services.”

    Tammy Arbuckle - 1st Urology

    Mental Health

    “Accuracy: The level of accuracy is exceptional and exceeds the expected accuracy standards! Customer service: Consistently amazing customer service. Never too busy and always makes you feel important. Communication: Working with ZyDoc to integrate our myAvatar EHR system and the committed communication is the key to our success. Thank you for all you do for us and thanks for always caring!”

    - Nevada Department of Health and Human Services Division of Child and Family Services

    Mental Health

    ZyDoc is amazing! Our doctors really enjoy how user-friendly the website is!”

    Administative Assistant - Nevada Department of Health and Human Services

    Mental Health

    Turnaround time is excellent. Fast and efficient customer service.

    Alejandro Arias, MD

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