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The Ultimate Summer Solution!

This summer, say goodbye to stressful late hours and work smarter with ZyDoc! Our powerful mobile dictation app allows medical professionals to enjoy their much-needed free time while still providing the best quality clinical documentation. With an average of 61% productivity improvement, you can now find relaxation in those late summer afternoons and sunny evenings– take up a hobby, get to happy hour, a date or finally write that book you’ve been procrastinating. Our same day free trial startup provides a seamless transition to carefree late afternoons filled with sunshine and blissful freedom.


Stay Connected, No Matter Where You Are

ZyDoc understands the importance of staying connected to your practice, even when you’re on vacation. Our mobile dictation app allows you to document any after-hours calls in no time.  When you get back to the office, the transcript  documents the encounter that can be billed.  You and your staff know what happened to the patient and your malpractice risk is lowered. Enjoy the summer heat without worrying about missing out on important tasks. Stay connected by tapping into the power of ZyDoc!


Vacation Coverage Made Easy

Are you worried about vacation coverage for your medical practice this summer? Let ZyDoc help your covering doctor with a standard dictation documentation solution providing both of you with a comprehensive encounter regarding your patient! Review transcripts immediately from any browser on our cloud platform.  When you return, you will know what happened to your patient and you can easily resume care. Our professional and experienced medical transcription team is available 24/7 to ensure your practice runs smoothly while you’re enjoying your well-deserved break.  You can rest assured that all your documentation needs will be met promptly and accurately, leaving you free to focus on having fun and creating unforgettable summer memories.


Providing Coverage for Your Staff’s Summer Vacation

We understand that summer vacations aren’t just for physicians. Your hardworking scribes, techs and transcription staff deserves a break too! However, ensuring that your practice has sufficient coverage while your team members are away can be a challenge. You may worry about finding reliable, skilled professionals to fill in during their absence, but ZyDoc has the perfect solution.

Let ZyDoc take care of clinical documentation needs while your staff enjoys their well-deserved time off. Our experienced and professional medical scribes and transcriptionists can seamlessly step in, providing accurate and timely clinical documentation that keep your practice running smoothly. With our unparalleled services for all specialties and EHRs, you don’t need to worry. Let ZyDoc handle the workload, so you can focus on providing top-quality patient care and enjoying your summer to the fullest.


Improve Work-Life Balance and Get Home on Time

With ZyDoc’s medical transcription services, you can see more patients while still maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Our efficient transcription process enables you to focus on patient care and make the most of your time at the office. This means you can leave work early or get home on time to enjoy the log summer days.

Why Choose ZyDoc?

At ZyDoc, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality clinical documentation services to physicians and healthcare organizations worldwide. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has made us a trusted partner in the medical industry. Here’s why you should choose ZyDoc this summer:

  • Document encounters 61% faster in any specialty and EHR
  • User-friendly mobile dictation app
  • 24/7 industry leading US customer support
  • Comprehensive notes promote referrals, allows full charges, resists insurance denials

ZyDoc offers so much more than just documentation efficiency. Our user-friendly mobile dictation app and secure web portal enable you to work from anywhere, while our fast turnaround time keeps your referrals coming in quickly – all without compromising HIPAA compliance or patient privacy! You can get up and running immediately with no hidden fees or commitments required. Plus, 24/7 US customer support is always ready for any questions that arise along the way.

Summer vacations should be a time to recharge and enjoy life, but for medical professionals, concerns about clinical documentation can be overwhelming. ZyDoc’s secure web portal, mobile app, and professional transcription services offer the perfect solution, ensuring you can stay connected and maintain coverage for both you and your staff during the summer months. Experience the freedom, flexibility, and peace of mind you deserve – contact ZyDoc today to learn more about our medical transcription services and how we can help make your summer vacation stress-free!



    30-day free trial with ZyDoc’s clinical documentation solutions. Start dictating today!

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    Great Customer Service, always able to reach out and get a response quickly. 

    Michele B. - Boulder City Hospital


    I have always found Lisa Robbins to be so helpful and very responsive, whenever I have questions. It is one of the reasons I really love ZyDoc. Communication is very easy, which I appreciate and that is even with a 4 hour time difference between us! Thank you as always for making this part of my job stress free!  ”

    Joanne Singleton - State of Alaska Division of Public Health


    ZyDoc has offered a productive solution that allows our Patient Care Providers to maintain prompt patient care, efficient patient documentation turnaround, and a preferred convenience with the use of smart phone app for dictation. With the integrated interface into our EMR, completed patient visit notes are available promptly for continued patient care and sharing of information. Additionally, the response time for support and application assistance is excellent, knowledgeable and friendly.

    Michelle MacDonald - Copley Hospital

    Surgery Center

    I am really happy with the transcription services provided by ZyDoc. It makes it easy and convenient for the Doctors to use it in our facility.

    Kathleen Donigan, R.N., C.O.E., COO - Eye Care Center of Port Huron - Michigan Outpatient Surgery Center


    Since starting with ZyDoc, all my providers found the system very easy to use. Even our older doctors didn't have any issues. My staff was amazed at the rapid response to getting letters back to send out and the accuracy was outstanding. Every time I reach out with a question or concern, I always get a quick reply. The pricing is fair and reasonable and we are very happy with the service. Best decision we made to switch. Thank you ZyDoc.

    Jamie Espinoza - Affiliates in Gastroenterology

    Family Medicine

    I appreciated the friendly, personal attention I was given during the set-up of my account.

    Everett McKibben, MD - Laird Clinic of Family Medicine


    ZyDoc is a leader in the transcription sector because they can process extremely complex neurological reports quickly and accurately. Their quality and customer service is next to none, we have been extremely satisfied with their service for more than 8 years.

    Jodean Petersen, BS, CSO - Institute for Nerve Medicine


    “ZyDoc was very accommodating and checking in with us with deliverables was superb. I  appreciate ZyDoc for working with us in a very professional manner.”

    Aaron Chiusano - Maryland Center for School Safety


    Customer service is great, and I am extremely happy with the transcription services.

    Farshad Hannanian, MD

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