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Record Your Doctor Visit with SpeechDocℱ Patient Visit

For patients and their families who need a recording or transcript of their doctor’s visit and want to understand and control their medical care, SpeechDocℱ Patient Visit uses your phone or smartphone to document your doctor’s discussion to share with other family members, caregivers and physicians. Unlike your memory or hearing that may not be good, notes that are incomplete, or recordings that may not be clear, SpeechDoc Patient provides a free audio recording of your medical visit that you can play and replay from any device with internet access securely. Optionally, ZyDoc also can provide a low cost verbatim transcript of the visit within 24 hours. Our professional service also offers optional explanations of the complex medical terminology in simple terms so you can better understand your medical problems and what the doctor said privately and securely.

Record your Doctor Visit

Your visit with the doctor may be extremely important for you and understanding what was said, and what to do, can often be missed or misunderstood.  Even the smartest of patients may not be health literate and emotions are high and physicians are often rushed.  Poor communication or your inability to remember what your doctor said makes it difficult to consent to treatment, retain your independence, makes you emotionally uncomfortable, less satisfied with your care and more difficult to follow recommendations. You don’t want to miss a single detail that could have serious consequences for your health. Wouldn’t you like to be able to have a recording or a transcript of what your doctor said?  And better yet, wouldn’t you like to share this with family members, caregivers or other physicians?  ZyDoc offers a free service for patients to use with their smartphones to record and share the visit.

In addition, once you have the recording or even the entire typed transcript of your visit, it still may be difficult to understand.  Physicians often speak to patients with complicated medical jargon forgetting that the terms they use are complicated and often new for patients.  Inappropriate use of medical terms in doctor–patient communication also causes problems in relation to patient consent, independence, emotional comfort, satisfaction and your ability to follow directions. Of particular concern is when doctors use of expert medical jargon that you may not understand. Searching for these on the Internet is not always easy and it is time-consuming and dangerous if you pick the wrong ones. ZyDoc SpeechDoc Patient Visit Simplified provides easy to understand definitions of the medical conditions, and medicines for people without much health knowledge.  Better health understanding improves patient confidence and allows better participation in your health. For more information, contact our friendly customer service specialists at 1-800-546-5633.