MediSapien™ Structured Data

MediSapien Structured Data

Utilize natural language processing optimized for universal healthcare data

This suite of services enables physicians to wield the power of structured medical data while retaining the convenience of data entry by dictation

MediSapien extracts ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT®, RxNorm, LOINC®, and SNOMED-CT® codes from unstructured text such as dictation and legacy documentation, and outputs structured data for exchange via CCR/CCD/CDA and insertion into EHRs.

Unlock meaning & value from unstructured data

MediSapien accepts dictation or text from transcription vendors, legacy data and EHRs. The fully coded structured output is suitable for insertion into EHRs and facilitates interoperability.

Codes derived include ICD-10, SNOMED-CT®, RxNorm, LOINC.

MediSapien also performs computer-assisted coding (CAC) for revenue cycle management companies, and data mining optimized for health data analytics partners. The MediSapien platform supports independent application developers.

Leverage your data with MediSapien Analytics from text or EHRs for individual and population management, research, outcomes, analytics and pharmacovigilance.

Use the MediSapien enterprise-class web-based platform to convert unstructured text into fully coded structured data.

DATA_clinical data repository-centric model ZyDoc MediSapien
Interoperable Messages_ZyDoc MediSapien slide from presentation by James M. Maisel MD for Diabetes Technology Meeting 2014

Legacy Data Conversion

Convert unstructured narrative text to the following code languages: SNOMED-CT, CPT-4, ICD-9, LOINC, RXNORM, and others.

EHR Data Capture by Dictation

Physicians have the option of using dictation for EHR data capture in addition to using the keyboard and mouse.

Semantic Search for Concepts

Semantic search is powerful because it enables accurate reporting on data originated in a narrative, unstructured format.

Meaningful Use Applications

If unable to accept structured codes, EHR providers can create a workaround to a MediSapien webpage.

“Clinicians spend many hours interacting with unwieldy systems documenting patient records. MediSapien is a promising instrument that may serve to reduce the cognitive burden on clinicians and enable EHRs to be instruments of clinical communication and tools that can greatly enhance patient care.”

– David Kaufman, PhD, quoted in ZyDoc press release

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