For hospitals and large medical groups

Reduce Operative Report and Clinical Documentation Bottlenecks

While transcription services are traditionally used by hospitals predominantly for operative reports, radiology and pathology, ZyDoc's integration with EHRs expands the ability to improve the efficiency of the highly skilled and paid medical workforce to achieve greater efficiency and transition to improved data management for quality assurance, individual and population-based analytics, along with higher quality documentation with opportunities for better reimbursement and audit proofing of records.

The TrackDoc Connect Platform assures tight integration and leverages your EHR investment, and is custom tailored to reduce clinical documentation bottlenecks and improve the medical workflow.  After finishing their cases or encounters, doctors can dictate from any phone, a digital recorder or their smartphone and ZyDoc will be working on the jobs immediately. HL-7 interfaces and immediate feedback and error checking ensure that documentation jobs are done by the right doctor, on the right patient. Doctors can indicate a job type and just dictate the blanks or their default values. Our editors are familiar with all specialties and terminologies.  Getting the doctors to review and sign off on the jobs is made easier by the TrackDoc Connect Cloud platform. They can log on from anywhere (including home or their office) with any browser on any device or their smartphone that has Internet access. They can review the report, make any edits or see job comments from our typists or editors, and electronically sign the reports. Since all of the data is always on the encrypted ZyDoc Cloud platform, access is tightly controlled and only available with encrypted connection, so there are no security issues.

Completed and signed operative reports, encounters, discharge summaries, history and physicals, etc. are immediatley accessible not only by the doctor, but for the medical records department and any staff with appropriate privilegeswho need to download, print or fax. Whenever copies are needed in the future for insurance companies, quality assurance or record requests, TrackDoc makes it easy to search by patient name (or part of a name), DOS, date of dictation, record number, author, job type, or even by term.

All transcriptions can be attached to EHRs or reviewed after automatic section level insertion into the EHR. ZyDoc's MediSapien Intelligence can extract the ICD-10 and SNOMED terminology for higher level POA (Present on Admission) coding automatically or on demand for a RAC audit. It is even possible to analyze groups of records for implants, complications, specific terms and the like for quality assurance, tracking or outcomes. The structured data is idealized for analytic and clinical decision support applications. All this is performed just from the doctor dictating without any additional effort. Document TAT (turnaround time) can be as short as 30 minutes. All with 24x7x365 US support from the ZyDoc Operations Center.


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